Pennsylvania StreamStats

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StreamStats is a national web-based application that provides selected water-resource information for Pennsylvania. Users can easily obtain descriptive information, basin characteristics, and streamflow statistics for USGS streamgages and ungaged stream locations throughout the Commonwealth.


Screenshot of StreamStats showing Pennsylvania

StreamStats is a web application that provides access to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analytical tools that are useful for water-resources planning and management, and for engineering and design purposes. The map-based user interface can delineate drainage areas for user-selected sites on streams and provide basin characteristics and estimates of flow statistics for the selected sites. StreamStats users also can select the locations of USGS data-collection stations, shown as triangles on the StreamStats map, and get flow statistics and other information for the stations. Additional tools are available for discovering information about streams and the activities along them.

Pennsylvania StreamStats incorporates regression equations for estimating streamflow statistics, for example 100-year recurrence interval floods and 7-day, 10-year low flows. Equations also are provided for estimating bankfull discharge and channel geometry. Water use data is also available in Pennsylvania and can be retrieved after a basin delineation is completed by clicking the "Check For Water Use" button.

Reports document the regression equations available in StreamStats for Pennsylvania, the methods used to develop the equations and to measure the basin characteristics used in the equations, references for GIS data layers used in the analysis, and the errors associated with the estimates obtained from the equations. Users should familiarize themselves with these reports before using StreamStats to obtain estimates of streamflow statistics for ungaged sites in Pennsylvania.

Screenshot of StreamStats water use data for delineated watershed in Pennsylvania

StreamStats water use data in Yellow Breeches Creek watershed, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania