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The Volcano Science Center is based in Anchorage, Alaska. Field stations include the Volcano Observatories located in California, Hawaii, and Washington.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Data Scientist Marco Bagnardi, Ph.D.
Research Social Scientist Beth A. Bartel
Associate Director VSC Infrastructure and Security Edward C. Brown 360-993-8910
Scientist-in-Charge Andrew Todd Calvert, Ph.D. 650-329-5276
Research Geologist, Alaska Volcano Observatory Michelle L. Coombs, Ph.D. 907-786-7403
Scientific Illustrator/PNW and Pacific Island Regional Aviation Manager   Lisa Faust
Research Geologist Judith Fierstein 650-329-5202
Research Mathematician David L George, Ph.D. 360-993-8932
Sediment Laboratory Manager Daniel Gooding
Scientist-in-Charge Matt M. Haney 907-786-7111
Computer Scientist Christopher Hight
Scientist-in-Charge Ken Hon, Ph.D. 808-967-8853
Research Geophysicist David M. R. Hyman
Volcano Geophysicist Alexandra Iezzi, Ph.D. (360) 993-8948
Hydrologic Technician William Johnson
Computer Scientist Christopher Lockett
Director, Volcano Disaster Assistance Program Jacob B. Lowenstern 360-993-8946
Scientist-in-Charge Jon Major 360-993-8927
Research Volcanologist Charles W. Mandeville 571-286-2304
Geologist - USGS/Affiliated Volcanologist - Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institution JoAnna G. Marlow
Science Center Director Christina A. Neal 907-786-7458
Physical Scientist Katherine Norton 360-993-8951
Computer Scientist Thomas Parker 907-786-7030
Associate Director for Monitoring Networks John F. Paskievitch 907-786-7498
Deputy Scientist-in-Charge David Phillips, Ph.D. 808-967-8827
Scientist in Charge Michael Poland 360-993-8900
Research Geophysicist Stephanie G Prejean
Research Hydrologist Mark Reid 650-439-2891
Management Analyst Timothy Steed
Research Geologist Richard B Waitt, PhD 360-993-8947
Volcano Geophysicist Rick L. Wessels, Ph.D.