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Date published: November 30, 2020

Why the Ocean?

USGS scientists share brief thoughts about why they have focused their careers on studying our oceans and coasts. Here’s why they study the ocean:

Date published: November 30, 2020

Rapid-response seismic reflection survey to identify the fault sources of the southwestern Puerto Rico seismic sequence

Intense seismic activity started in southwestern Puerto Rico on December 28, 2019 and is continuing to the present time.

Date published: November 20, 2020

Aligning International Initiatives for Promoting and Assessing FAIR Data

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR) Data Maturity Model Working Group: Aligning Initiatives for Promoting and Assessing FAIR Data.

Date published: October 28, 2020

Navigating Virtual 2020 Summer Internships During Pandemic

Thanks to the creativity and dedication of various internship programs and Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center mentors, students across the country were still able to gain valuable skills and experience crucial to the advancement of their education and journey to becoming a scientist.

Date published: September 30, 2020

Recent Coastal and Marine Fieldwork - August-September 2020

USGS Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program (CMHRP) scientists were able to safely venture out to collect beach elevations, geochemistry samples for wildfire contamination, water, soil, and meteorological data, offshore bathymetric and seismic data, ocean, lake, and bay sediment samples, and more, from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California, to Massachusetts, New York, and...

Date published: September 30, 2020

Photo Roundup - August-September 2020

A selection of coastal and marine images and videos from across the USGS

Date published: September 30, 2020

Students with Disabilities Help USGS Rescue At-Risk Data Through the STEP-UP Program

Through STEP-UP (the Secondary Transition to Employment Program – USGS Partnership), the USGS collaborates with school districts and other educational institutions across the nation to provide training experiences to students with cognitive and other disabilities.

September 30, 2020

Sound Waves Newsletter - August-September 2020

We pay tribute to a dear friend and colleague, collect data on hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes, train students with disabilities who in turn learn how to help us in a data rescue effort, and more, in this August-September 2020 issue of Sound Waves.

Date published: September 30, 2020

USGS provides Rapid Post-Hurricane Isaias Coastal Change Data to Assist National Park Service partners

Quantifying coastal change caused by hurricanes is essential in helping communities better plan for such coastal hazards.

Date published: September 9, 2020

Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center- 2019 Annual Report

The 2019 annual report of the U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center highlights accomplishments of 2019, includes a list of 2019 publications, and summarizes the work of the center, as well as the work of each of its science groups. This product allows readers to gain a general understanding of the focus areas of the center’s scientific research.