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The Alaska Science Center is located in Anchorage, AK. We also carry out research and monitoring from our field offices in Fairbanks and Juneau. Our staff consists of scientists, technicians, and support personnel who are committed to providing accurate and timely information to Alaska and the Nation.


Jamey Jones

Acting Earth MRI Coordinator and Associate Center Director for Geology

Jeff Conaway

Associate Center Director for Water, Ice, and Landscape Dynamics

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Wildlife Biologist Emeritus Layne Adams, Ph.D. 907-786-7159
Geneticist Christina Ahlstrom, Ph.D. 907-786-7114
Student Trainee (Physical Science) Andy J Allard 907-786-7490
Research Ecologist Mayumi L Arimitsu, Ph.D. 907-364-1593
Research Wildlife Biologist Todd Atwood, Ph.D. 907-786-7093
Hydrologic Technician Jason A Baker 907-479-5645
Ext: 228
Geophysicist Emily Baker 907-786-7081
Research Physiologist Emeritus Brenda Ballachey, Ph.D. 403-288-9184
Biologist Naomi Bargmann 907-786-7112
Geographer Carson A Baughman 907-786-7417
Hydrologic Technician Eloise Bellingham 907-865-7825
Geologist Adrian M Bender 907-786-7421
Hydrologist Heather R Best 907-687-9515
Research Wildlife Biologist Emeritus James L Bodkin 907-786-7164
Research Statistician Jeffrey Bromaghin, Ph.D. 907-786-7086
Research Fish Biologist Michael P Carey, Ph.D. 907-786-7197
Research Economic Geologist George Case 907-786-7472
Maintenance Worker Mark E Castor 907-479-5645
Ext: 231
Associate Center Director for Water, Ice, and Landscape Dynamics Jeff Conaway 907-786-7041
Wildlife Biologist Gabrielle Coulombe 907-786-7155
Hydrologic Technician Charles S Couvillion 907-786-7144
Research Chemist John Crusius 508-524-2496
Hydrologist Janet H Curran 907-786-7128
Hydrologic Technician Barton Dengel 907-786-7057
Biologist Daniel S Donnelly 907-786-7091
Research Wildlife Biologist David Douglas 907-364-1576
Geologist Elizabeth K Drewes-Todd 907-786-7470
Research Geologist Julie A Dumoulin, Ph.D. 907-786-7439
Hydrologic Technician Timothy R Dunleavy 907-786-7108
Research Wildlife Biologist Joseph Eisaguirre, Ph.D. 907-786-7062
Research Wildlife Biologist Emeritus Craig Ely, Ph.D. 907-786-7182
Research Wildlife Biologist Daniel Esler, Ph.D. 907-786-7068
Zoologist George G Esslinger 907-786-7044
Research Wildlife Biologist Anthony Fischbach 907-786-7145
IT Specialist Bill Frazier 907-786-7064
Biologist Danielle Gerik 907-786-7163
Geologist Alena Giesche, Ph.D. 907-786-7154
Research Wildlife Biologist Emeritus Robert E Gill, Jr. 907-947-0379
Communications and Outreach Yvette Gillies 907-786-7039
Research Geologist Jared T Gooley, Ph.D. 907-786-7421
Research Geologist Peter J Haeussler, Ph.D. 907-786-7447
Budget Analyst Julie A Hammonds 907-786-7198
Research Wildlife Biologist Colleen Handel, Ph.D. 907-786-7181
Acting IT Supervisor Marla Hood 907-786-7080
Hydrologist Randy H Host 907-586-7216
Ext: 3
Budget Analyst Brian Hudgins 907-786-7156
Hydrologic Technician Derek S Iles 907-786-7000
Maintenance Worker Robert M Jaquith 907-786-7134
Research Wildlife Biologist Heather Johnson, Ph.D. 907-786-7155
Acting Earth MRI Coordinator and Associate Center Director for Geology Jamey Jones 907-786-7442
Research Geologist Susan Karl 907-786-7428
IT Specialist Sheila M Kite 907-786-7124
Biologist Kimberly A Kloecker 907-786-7196
Research Hydrologist Joshua C Koch, Ph.D. 303-817-5595
Research Economic Geologist Douglas C Kreiner 907-786-7190
Administrative Officer Nicole Kriz 907-786-7074
Physical Scientist Keith Labay 907-786-7410
Hydrologist Dustin E Langley 907-479-5645
Ext: 221
Biologist Nicole LaRoche 907-786-7130
Research Fish Biologist Sarah Laske, Ph.D. 907-786-7419
Research Geologist Richard O Lease, Ph.D. 907-786-7169
Budget Analyst Starlyn Lenore 907-786-7117
IT Specialist Eugenia D Lino 907-786-7412
Research Landscape Ecologist Rachel A Loehman, Ph.D. 907-268-7226
Biologist Caitlin Marsteller 907-786-7069
Research Wildlife Biologist Steven M Matsuoka 907-786-7075
Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow Robert McDermott, Ph.D. 907-786-7000
Biologist (Data Scientist) Laura McDuffie 907-786-7172
IT Specialist (System Admin) Adeline C McEwen 907-786-7084
Geneticist Cherie McKeeman, PhD 907-786-7188
Geophysicist Christopher McNeil 907-786-7081
Research Geneticist Damian M Menning, Ph.D. 907-786-7466
Hydrologic Technician Abraham Meyerhofer 907-786-7005
Emeritus Marti L Miller 907-786-7437
Research Wildlife Biologist Daniel H Monson, Ph.D. 907-786-7161
IT Specialist William T Newnham 907-786-7121
Research Wildlife Biologist Anthony M Pagano, Ph.D. 907-786-7165
Wildlife Biologist Vijay P Patil, Ph.D. 907-786-7178
Associate Center Director for Ecosystems John M. Pearce, Ph.D. 907-786-7094
Geneticist Eleni Petrou, Ph.D. 907-786-7186
Research Wildlife Biologist John Piatt, Ph.D. 360-774-0516
Hydrologic Technician Jamie Pierce 907-586-7216
Physical Science Tech Alan L Pongratz 907-786-7029
Research Wildlife Geneticist Andy Ramey, Ph.D. 907-786-7174
Data Manager / Wildlife Biologist John A Reed 907-786-7406
Wildlife Biologist Rachel M Richardson 907-786-7194
Administrative Operations Assistant Mariah Ritschard 907-786-7000
Research Wildlife Biologist Karyn Rode, Ph.D. 907-342-5790
Research Wildlife Biologist Daniel R Ruthrauff, Ph.D. 907-786-7162
Physical Scientist Louis Sass, III 907-786-7460
Hydrologic Technician Paul V Schauer 907-786-7141
Supv. Hydrologist Mathew F Schellekens 907-479-5645
Ext: 222
Biologist Sarah K Schoen 907-786-7467
Geneticist Laura Scott, Ph.D. 907-786-7189
Biologist Kristin Simac 907-786-7087
Supv. Hydrologic Technician Chad W Smith 907-786-7103
Biologist Ashley Stanek 907-786-7411
Biologist Samuel Stark 907-786-7157
Permafrost Research Geographer Eva A Stephani, Ph.D.
Hydrologic Technician Matthew Strickler
Research Statistician Rebecca Taylor, Ph.D. 907-786-7004
Geologist Evan E Thoms 907-786-7409
Wildlife Biologist Lee Tibbitts 907-786-7038
IT Specialist Kayla Tilford 907-786-7009
Research Geologist Erin Todd, Ph.D. 907-786-7441
Administrative Operations Assistant Marion Townsend 907-786-7160
Biologist Sarah Traiger, Ph.D. 907-786-7068
Hydrologic Technician Jonathan Tuttle 907-586-7216
Wildlife Biologist Brian Uher-Koch 907-786-7052
Research Wildlife Biologist Caroline R Van Hemert, Ph.D. 907-786-7167
Research Fish Biologist Vanessa von Biela, Ph.D. 907-786-7073
IT Specialist (Data Management) Dennis H Walworth 907-786-7001
Research Geologist Bronwen Wang, Ph.D. 907-786-7110
Wildlife Biologist Emily L Weiser, Ph.D. 907-786-7089
Hydrologic Technician Kayla T Weller 907-786-7126
Research Geologist Frederic Wilson 907-786-7448
Research Geologist Rob Witter, Ph.D. 907-786-7404
Center Director Christian E Zimmerman, Ph.D. 907-786-7071