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Karst Interest Group (KIG) Workshop

The Karst Interest Group’s (KIG) mission is to encourage and support collaboration and technology transfer among scientists working in karst areas.  The KIG encourages cooperative studies between USGS Programs and Water Science Centers, and between USGS and other Federal agencies, State and local agencies, and universities.

The 9th USGS KIG Workshop will be October 22-24, 2024 in Nashville, TN.

The purpose of the KIG workshops is to bring together scientists from different offices of the USGS, Department of the Interior, other Federal and state agencies, research institutes, and universities to present the results of scientific work in karst areas or discuss karst related programs in their bureaus or offices. Workshops usually consist of technical presentations and poster sessions. 

2024 Workshop

♦♦♦ 2024 KIG Workshop Registration ♦♦♦

♦♦♦ 2024 KIG Workshop Welcome and Agenda ♦♦♦

The 9th USGS Karst Interest Group (KIG) Workshop is planned for October 22-24, 2024 in Nashville, TN.

Tennessee State University is hosting and providing the meeting space. The workshop represents an excellent opportunity for attendees to experience the karst terrain of central Tennessee.

A block of rooms is available for the KIG at Home 2 Suites (410 Dominican Dr, Nashville, TN 37228; +1 615-985-7444).   

Technical sessions will be Tuesday and Wednesday, October 22-23. 

The optional field trip to karst areas is Thursday October 24.  The field trip will leave from the hotel (Home 2 Suites) the morning of the field trip and return to the same hotel later that evening via caravan of personnel vehicles. The times are still to be determined. We will have a sign-up sheet for those needing a ride at the sign-up table. Anyone that will have a vehicle available to carry extra people for the field trip please let the KIG coordinators know so that we can assign people to ride with you. In addition, there will be a sign-up sheet for purchasing box lunches (price to still be determined) at the workshop registration table. People that do not wish to purchase a box lunch may bring their own lunches. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at



Call for Presentation and Paper Ideas

Submit your idea for an oral or poster session and publication in the proceedings via email to Eve Kuniansky no later than May 1. 2023.

You will be notified via email by June 2, 2023 of acceptance for an oral or poster session.


  • Preliminary title
  • Corresponding author’s name and email address
  • Session preference (oral, poster, or do not care)
  • Brief description of paper or abstract (not final-for session planning)


  • Agricultural in Karst Terranes
  • Geophysical Methods in Karst 
  • Karst Ecosystems 
  • Karst in Tennessee
  • Karst Geomicrobiology
  • Programs Within DOI That Involve Karst
  • Numerical Modeling in Karst 
  • Karst in Coastal Zones 
  • Contaminant Transport in Karst
  • Sediment Transport in Karst Conduits 
  • Pathogens in Karst 
  • Effects of Climate Change on Karst Aquifers
  • Geologic Framework of Karst Systems
  • Karst Aquifer Systems 
  • Natural Resource Development in Karst Areas 
  • Geochemistry of Karst Systems 
  • Aquifer Hydraulics in Karst Systems 
  • Tracers in Karst 
  • Fractured Carbonate Systems
  • Speleogenesis
  • Cave and Spring Species and Habitats 
  • Evaporite-Carbonate Karst Differences
  • Karst Hazards


Publication guidelines

A U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report of the proceedings papers will be published.

The Microsoft Word manuscript template and guidelines will be provided after acceptance from the technical committee.

The approved manuscript will need to be provided to Eve Kuniansky by May 31, 2024, such that we can compile these into the final manuscript and provide the USGS publishing team to do their edit and layout.


  • Papers must be approved for publication through the normal report-review process of your agency.
  • All submitted papers must have a minimum of 2 peer reviews.
  • USGS personnel must provide an IPDS number for their individually approved paper.

If you are having difficulty finding colleague/peer reviewers for your paper, contact Eve Kuniansky, Proceedings Coordinator


  • Extended abstracts are limited to 10 pages
  • Abstracts must be approved for publication through the normal review process of your agency.
  • USGS personnel must provide the IPDS number for their individually approved extended abstract.   


Email abstract submissions to Eve Kuniansky.


Mission of the USGS Karst Interest Group

The KIG’s mission is to encourage and support inter-disciplinary collaboration and technology transfer among USGS scientists working in karst areas. Additionally, the KIG encourages cooperative studies between the Water Mission Area, the Water Science Centers, and other USGS Programs and Mission Area Centers, and between USGS and other Federal agencies, State and local agencies and university researchers.