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The USGS Water Resources Mission Area provides water information that is fundamental to national and local economic well-being,
protection of life and property, and effective management of the Nation’s water resources. Below, find software for a wide range of water resources research and management questions.



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Date published: September 11, 2015

GWM: Groundwater Management Process for MODFLOW Using Optimization

GWM is a Groundwater Management Process for the U.S. Geological Survey modular three-dimensional groundwater model, MODFLOW.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: July 23, 2015

1DTempPro: A program for analysis of vertical one-dimensional (1D) temperature profiles

1DTempPro is a computer program for the analysis of one-dimensional vertical temperature profiles.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: March 6, 2014

SutraGUI: Graphical Pre- and Post-Processor for SUTRA

SutraGUI  is a graphical environment for setting up and executing 2D and 3D SUTRA runs, and for visualizing results from 2D SUTRA runs. It is compatible with SUTRA Version 2.2 and requires Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) commercial software,

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: April 3, 2013

Shoreline Management Tool

The Shoreline Management Tool—An ArcMap Tool for Analyzing Water Depth, Inundated Area, Volume, and Selected Habitats, with an Example for the Lower Wood River Valley, Oregon

Date published: October 19, 2012

SEAWAT: A Computer Program for Simulation of Three-Dimensional Variable-Density Ground-Water Flow and Transport

SEAWAT is a combined version of MODFLOW and MT3DMS for simulation of variable-density groundwater flow and transport.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: October 17, 2012

Surface-Water Routing (SWR) Process: A Program for Modeling Surface-Water Flow with the USGS Modular Groundwater Flow Model (MODFLOW)

The Surface-Water Routing (SWR) Process is used to accurately simulate stages, surface-water flows, and surface-water/groundwater interactions in areas where surface-water gradients are small and/or there is significant management of surface water. 

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: August 27, 2012

Central Valley Hydrologic Model (CVHM)

The Central Valley Hydrologic Model (CVHM) is an extensive, detailed three-dimensional (3D) computer model of the hydrologic system of the Central Valley (Faunt, 2009). The Central Valley Hydrologic Model (CVHM) simultaneously accounts for changing water supply and demand across the landscape, and simulates surface water and groundwater flow across the entire Central Valley.

Date published: March 7, 2011

FLASH: A Computer Program for Flow-Log Analysis of Single Holes

FLASH (Flow-Log Analysis of Single Holes) is a computer program for the analysis of borehole vertical flow logs.

Date published: February 23, 2011

Conduit Flow Process (CFP): A Program to Simulate Turbulent or Laminar Groundwater Flow Conditions

Conduit Flow Process (CFP) allows simulation of laminar and turbulent flow within a standard MODFLOW layer and/or simulation of a hybrid model (one-dimensional pipe network coupled to MODFLOW).

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: September 1, 2010

SUTRA: A Model for 2D or 3D Saturated-Unsaturated, Variable-Density Ground-Water Flow With Solute or Energy Transport

SutraSuite is a collection of software for groundwater modeling in both two spatial dimensions (2D) and three spatial dimensions (3D).  It includes the SUTRA groundwater model, the SutraGUI pre-processor, the SutraPrep text-based preprocessor, and the SutraPolot post-processor.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: December 18, 2009

ZONEBUDGET: A Program for Computing Subregional Water Budgets for MODFLOW Groundwater Flow Models

ZONEBUDGET is a program for computing subregional water budgets for MODFLOW ground-water flow models.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: May 16, 2008

Calculate Streamflow Depletion by Nearby Pumping Well - STRMDEPL08

STRMDEPL08—An Extended Version of STRMDEPL with Additional Analytical Solutions to Calculate Streamflow Depletion by Nearby Pumping Well