John C Hammond, PhD

John studies hydroclimatic variability and trends, seasonal snow dynamics, emprical streamflow relationships across scales, and incorporates satellite data into hydrologic models. Current projects include hydrologic regionalizatition in Alaska, updating DC+DE flood-frequencies, examining low flow patterns and trends, and assessing patterns and drivers of streamflow intermittence across the U.S.



2018. PhD, Geosciences: Watershed Science, Colorado State University. Dissertation: Effects of snow persistence on soil moisture and streamflow generation in mountain regions of the western U.S.

2014. M.S., Water Resources Science, Oregon State University. Thesis: Trends in streamflow above and below dams across the Columbia River Basin from 1950 to 2012: assessing sub-basin sensitivity.

2012. B.S., Environmental Science & Policy, University of Maryland, College Park. Concentration: Global Environmental Change. Citation: College Park Scholars – Environmental Studies. Cum Laude.


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In preparation or review

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Other relevant reports

Kampf, S.K., Eurich, A., Hammond, J.C., Livneh, B., Cepeda, J. (2019). Streamflow prediction in Colorado ungauged basins. Final Report Submitted to Colorado Water Conservation Board.

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