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The Earthquake Science Center is relocating from Menlo Park to Moffett Field, CA.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Geophysicist Annemarie Baltay 650-439-2759
Research Geophysicist Andrew J Barbour, Ph.D. 650-439-2803
NCSN Operations Manager Patrick Bastien 650-329-4770
Scientist Emeritus Roger Borcherdt 650-644-8946
Research Geophysicist Rufus D Catchings, PhD 650-329-4749
Research Civil Engineer Mehmet Celebi 650-329-5623
Geophysicist Joanne H Chan 650-439-2516
Res. Geophysicist Elizabeth S Cochran 626-583-7238
Supervisory Research Geologist Stephen B DeLong, Ph.D. 651-356-4102
Assistant Center Director Shane Detweiler 650-329-5192
Research Geologist Austin J Elliott, Ph.D. 650-439-2690
Supervisory Geophysicist Lind S Gee 650-329-5656
Geophysicist Mark Goldman 650-329-5496
Research Geophysicist Joan Gomberg 206-616-5581
Research Civil Engineer Alex Grant 650-329-5205
Research Geophysicist Ruth Harris 650-439-2842
Geologist Suzanne Hecker 650-329-5655
Geophysicist Susan E. Hough 626-583-7224
Research Geophysicist Joern Kaven 650-329-4675
Geophysicist Brian D Kilgore 650-329-4859
Research Geophysicist Andrea Llenos 650-439-2562
Research Geophysicist Jeffrey Joseph McGuire 650-329-5153
Geologist Devin McPhillips 626-583-6047
Adminstrative Officer Jane E Meyer 650-329-4741
Research Geophysicist Andrew Michael 650-439-2777
Research Geophysicist Sarah Minson 650-439-2879
Research Geophysicist Erin Wirth Moriarty 206-685-7563
Research Geophysicist Josie Nevitt 650-439-2461
Research Geologist Belle Philibosian 650-439-2784
Geologist Ellen L Phillips 650-329-5463
Supervisory Research Geophysicist Fred F Pollitz 650-329-4821
Research Geophysicist Justin Rubinstein 650-439-2852
Research Geophysicist Robert Skoumal, PhD 650-439-2241
Supervisory Geophysicist Valerie Irene Thomas 626-583-7820
Geophysicist Nicholas van der Elst 626-583-6042
Research Geophysicist Clara Yoon 626-658-0229