Herpetological Research Team (FRESC)

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The Herpetological Research Team focuses on issues related to conservation and management of amphibians and other aquatic and semi-aquatic species. Among our current studies are effects of invasive species, disease, and land use change on the dynamics of amphibian communities to inform conservation and management decision making.

Many of our projects are supported by the USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI). ARMI works with Department of Interior (DOI) and other federal and state agencies to respond to information gaps that are critical to the implementation of effective conservation and management strategies for amphibian communities. ARMI’s work includes research on the status and threats of native species, development and evaluation of quantitative and field methods, and monitoring designs to address conservation and management information needs at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Principal Investigator

Michael Adams  - Supervisory Research Ecologist

Federal Staff

Brome McCreary - Wildlife Biologist

Christopher Pearl - Wildlife Biologist

Jennifer Rowe - Wildlife Biologist


Adam Duarte - Research Ecologist at Oregon State University