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We conduct multidisciplinary scientific research in the coastal and offshore areas of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and other US Pacific Islands; and in other waterways of the United States.

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March 31, 2021

Sound Waves Newsletter - December 2020-March 2021

Read about the challenges of conducting research during a pandemic, how USGS scientists conducted a nationwide assessment of salt marsh vulnerability, and more, in this December 2020-March 2021 issue of Sound Waves.

Date published: March 24, 2021

Bringing USGS Science Expertise Together for Natural Hazards in Big Sur, CA

Recent landslide activity along California’s Pacific coast in the region known as Big Sur has provided graphic examples of the power and impacts of natural hazard events.


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Year Published: 2021

Landscape evolution in eastern Chuckwalla Valley, Riverside County, California

This study investigates sedimentary and geomorphic processes in eastern Chuckwalla Valley, Riverside County, California, a region of arid, basin-and-range terrain where extensive solar-energy development is planned. The objectives of this study were to (1) measure local weather parameters and use them to model aeolian sediment-transport potential...

East, Amy E.; Gray, Harrison J.; Redsteer, Margaret Hiza; Ballmer, Matthew
East, A.E., Gray, H.J., Redsteer, M.H., and Ballmer, M., 2021, Landscape evolution in eastern Chuckwalla Valley, Riverside County, California: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2021–5017, 46 p.,

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Year Published: 2021

Expanding the repertoire of electron acceptors for the anaerobic oxidation of methane in carbonates in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Authigenic carbonates represent a significant microbial sink for methane, yet little is known about the microbiome responsible for the methane removal. We identify carbonate microbiomes distributed over 21 locations hosted by seven different cold seeps in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans by carrying out a gene-based survey using 16S rRNA- and ...

Beckmann, Sabrina; Farag, Ibrahim F.; Zhao, Rui; Christman, Glenn; Prouty, Nancy G.; Biddle, Jennifer F.

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Year Published: 2021

The making of the NEAM Tsunami Hazard Model 2018 (NEAMTHM18)

The NEAM Tsunami Hazard Model 2018 (NEAMTHM18) is a probabilistic hazard model for tsunamis generated by earthquakes. It covers the coastlines of the North-eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and connected seas (NEAM). NEAMTHM18 was designed as a three-phase project. The first two phases were dedicated to the model development and hazard...

Basili, Roberto; Brizuela, Beatriz; Herrero, Andre; Iqbal, Sarfraz; Lorito, Stefano; Maesano, Francesco Emanuele; Murphy, Shane; Perfetti, Paolo; Romano, Fabrizio; Scala, Antonio; Selva, Jacopo; Taroni, Matteo; Tiberti, Mara Monica; Thio, Hong Kie; Tonini, R.; Volpe, Manuela; Glimsdal, Sylfest; Harbitz, Carl B.; Lovholt, Finn; Baptista, Maria Ana; Carrilho, Fernando; Matias, Luis M. A.; Omira, Rachid; Babeyko, Andrey; Hoechner, Andreas; Gurbuz, Mucahit; Pekcan, Onur; Yalciner, A.; Canals, Miquel; Lastras, Galderic; Agalos, Apostolos; Papadapoulos, Gerassimo; Triantafyllou, Ioanna; Benchekroun, Sabah; Jaouadi, Hedi Agrebi; Abdallah, Samir Ben; Bouallegue, Atef; Hamdi, Hassene; Oueslati, Foued; Amato, A.; Armigliato, Alberto; Behrens, Jörn; Davies, Gareth; Di Bucci, Daniela; Dolce, Mauro; Geist, Eric L.; Gonzalez Vida, Jose Manuel; Gonzalez, Mauricio; Sanchez, Jorges Macias; Meletti, C.; Sozdinler, Ceren Ozer; Pagani, Marco; Parsons, Tom; Polet, Jascha; Power, William; Sorensen, Mathilde B.; Zaytsev, Andrey