Landsat Missions

Landsat Frequently Asked Questions

General Landsat

What is the Landsat satellite program and why is it important?


Landsat 9

When was the Landsat 9 satellite launched?

What sensors does Landsat 9 satellite carry?


Data Acquisition and Archive

What is the Worldwide Reference System (WRS)?

What are the acquisition schedules for the Landsat satellites?

How can I find the acquisition time for a Landsat scene?

Can Landsat satellite acquisition requests be made for a specific date and location?

After a Landsat scene is collected, when will it become available for search and download?

Are all acquired Landsat scenes held in the USGS Landsat archive?

How do I search for and download ascending (nighttime) Landsat scenes?

What are the band designations for the Landsat satellites?


Landsat Data Products

What Landsat data products are available?

How do I search for and download Landsat data?

How is the percentage of cloud cover calculated in a Landsat scene?

What are the processing levels for Landsat Level-1 data?

Does Landsat Level-1 data processing include atmospheric correction?


Using Landsat Data

Are there any restrictions on the use or redistribution of Landsat data?

How do I open Landsat satellite data files?

What are the best Landsat spectral bands for use in my research?

What are some known issues that users might find in Landsat data?

What could be causing the "seamline" in a mosaic of multiple Landsat images?

How do I rescale Landsat Level-1 digital numbers to reflectance, radiance, and brightness temperature?

How do I use Quality Assessment (QA) bands that are delivered with Landsat products?


US. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD)

What are U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD)?


Landsat Level-2 Science Products

Why are negative values observed over water in some Landsat Surface Reflectance products?

How do I use a scale factor with Landsat Level-2 science products?


Landsat Collections

What are Landsat Collections?

What are Landsat Collection Tiers?

What are the Landsat Collection 1 Level-1 data product file sizes?

How can I tell the difference between Landsat Collections data and Landsat data I have downloaded in the past?

I have a list of historical Landsat Level-1 Scene IDs; how can I determine the corresponding Landsat Collections Level-1 Product Identifier?

Can Landsat Collection Real-Time scenes be used in my research?

What is the Landsat Collections Angle Coefficient file and how is it used?

What is the Landsat Collections Saturation Bits parameter?

Does the Landsat 7 Scan Line Corrector (SLC)-off artifact affect Landsat Collections Tier designation?


Landsat Collection 2

What updates are being made in Landsat Collection 2?

Will Landsat Collection 1 data products remain available?

What is the naming convention for Landsat Collection 2 Level-1 and Level-2 scenes?

How do Landsat Collection 2 Level-2 products compare with products from Collection 1?

How long does it take to create Landsat Collection 2 Level-2 products after a Landsat scene is acquired?

Why are the fill values and scaling factors of Landsat Collection 2 Level-2 products different from those products in Collection 1?

How do I search and download Landsat Collection 2 data products?

What are Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs)?

What are Landsat Collection 2 Full Resolution Browse Images?


Landsat Data in the Cloud

Are Landsat data in the cloud still considered public domain?

When do I need an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account to access Landsat data in the cloud? Is there a cost for that?


Landsat 8 Data

How is the Landsat 8 Coastal/Aerosol Band 1 used?

How is the Landsat 8 Cirrus Band 9 used?


Landsat 7 Data

What is Landsat 7 ETM+ SLC-off data?

What are Landsat 7 SLC-off Gap Mask files?

Why do Landsat 7 Level-1 products contain two thermal bands?

Does the Landsat 7 Scan Line Corrector (SLC)-off artifact affect Landsat Collections Tier designation?


Landsat 1-5 Data

What are the _VER.jpg and _VER.txt files that are included with the Landsat MSS and TM data?

What are Landsat 5 TM "no-Payload Correction Data" scenes?


Landsat Browse Images

What are LandsatLook images?

Why are some Landsat browse images black?


Landsat Calibration

What is Landsat definitive ephemeris?

What are Landsat Response Linearization Look Up Tables?

What are Landsat Bias Parameter Files?

What are Landsat Calibration Parameter Files?

How is the C Function of Mask (CFMask) algorithm used with Landsat Level-1 data?