Sarah Stackpoole


I am a Research Ecologist with the US Geological Survey in Denver. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, my graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I joined the USGS in 2009. I use field studies along with large-scale data assimilation and statistical approaches to document water quality status and trends. I also use a variety of methods to integrate water quality metrics with climate and land-use datasets to identify drivers of change in surface water quality and potential stessors on human and aquatic ecosystem health.  

Current and Past Projects:

  • USGS National Water Quality Program Surface Water Status and Trends Team (2018 - present) - Document the impact of current and past anthropogenic phosphorus sources on soil saturation and water quality. Characterize the occurrence and distribution of pesticides in surface waters.
  • USGS LandCarbon Team (2009 - 2017) - Assimilate large-scale datasets and determine the best statistical models and extrapolation methods to provide an assessment of current rates of freshwater carbon storage, transport, and emissions for the conterminous United States and Alaska.


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Data Releases

Stackpoole, S.M., Stets, E.G., and Sprague, L.A., 2019, Watershed-scale agricultural phosphorus balances and river export trends for the conterminous United States, 1992-2012: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

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