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For questions, comments, or more information about the Florence Bascom Geoscience Center, please contact Chris Bernhardt (Center Director) or Pete Chirico (Associate Director and Supervisory Geographer). 



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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Geologist Francis Ashland 703-648-6923
Center Director Christopher Bernhardt, Ph.D. 703-648-6071
Physical Science Technician Caitlin Burke 703-648-6945
Scientist Emeritus William C Burton 703-648-6904
Physical Science Technician Diana Lynn Carriker 703-648-6967
Research Geologist Mark W. Carter 703-648-6910
Associate Director and Supervisory Geographer Peter George Chirico 703-648-6950
Student Trainee (Physical Science) Grant Colip 703-648-6919
Geologist Ernest Crider 703-648-6906
Senior Geologist Thomas Cronin, Ph.D. 703-648-6363
Scientist Emeritus David L Daniels 703-648-6071
Geologist Mary DiGiacomo-Cohen 860-291-6769
Research Geologist Daniel H. Doctor 703-648-6027
Research Geologist Harry Dowsett, Ph.D. 703-648-5282
Physical Science Technician Nancy Durika 703-648-4780
Scientist Emeritus Lucy Edwards 703-648-5272
Physical Scientist Kevin Foley 703-648-5285
Ecologist Laura Gemery 703-648-6021
Scientist Emeritus Gregory S Gohn 703-648-4382
Scientist Emeritus Linda C Gundersen 302-604-2698
Physical Scientist Natalie C Hall
Scientist Emeritus Rosalind Tuthill Helz, PhD 703-648-6086
Biologist Kristen Hoefke 703-648-6936
Scientist Emeritus J. Wright Horton, Jr., Ph.D. 703-648-6933
Scientist Emeritus Cliff Hupp 703-648-5207
Student Trainee (Geology) Libby R.W. Ives, PhD
Geologist Jonathan W Johnson 703-648-5485
Research Geologist Miriam Jones, Ph.D. 703-648-6936
Scientist Emeritus John R Keith 703-648-4384
Research Geologist Kevin Kincare, Ph.D. 231-723-2211
Scientist Emeritus Michael J Kunk 703-648-5332
Physical Science Technician Bryan Landacre 703-648-6085
Scientist Emeritus Ronald Litwin 703-648-5284
Scientist Emeritus Helaine Walsh Markewich 404-325-5547
Research Geologist Ryan J McAleer, PhD 703-648-6052
Research Geologist Arthur Merschat 703-648-6035
Scientist Emeritus Nancy D Naeser 703-648-5328
Scientist Emeritus Wayne L Newell 703-648-6930
Research Ecologist Gregory Noe 703-648-5826
Geologist William E Odom, PhD 703-648-6919
Research Geologist Randall C. Orndorff 703-648-4316
Geologist Mercer Parker 703-648-6924
Scientist Emeritus David Powars 703-648-6385
Scientist Emeritus Nicholas M Ratcliffe 703-648-6939
Scientist Emeritus John Repetski 703-648-5486
Research Geologist Marci M Robinson 703-648-5291
Research Geologist Jessica Rodysill 703-648-6935
Administrative Operations Assistant Christina (Nina) Rosse-Sands 703-648-6901
Scientist Emeritus J. Stephen Schindler 703-648-5970
Research Geologist Jean M Self-Trail 703-648-6013
Scientist Emeritus Joseph P Smoot 703-401-6388
Scientist Emeritus C Scott Southworth 703-648-6385
Physical Science Technician Whittney Spivey 703-648-6788
Physical Science Technician Bethany Stackhouse 703-648-6092
Geologist Robert Stamm 703-648-5271
Physical Science Technician Kristen Steele 703-648-6961
Scientist Emeritus Janet R Stone 860-291-6748
Research Geologist Byron Stone, PhD 860-291-6755
Management Analyst J Megan Stull 703-648-7698
Research Geologist Christopher S Swezey, Ph.D. 703-648-6444
Research Geologist Michael Toomey 703-648-6505
Research Geologist Peter M. Valley, PhD 703-648-6908
Research Geologist Gregory Walsh 802-828-4528
Scientist Emeritus David J. Weary 703-648-6897
Scientist Emeritus Robert Weems 703-648-6930
Research Geologist Debra A Willard, Ph.D. 703-648-5320
Research Geologist G. Lynn Wingard, Ph.D. 703-648-5352