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Our researchers are based in Bozeman, Montana with field stations at West Glacier and Missoula, Montana and duty stations in Jackson, Wyoming and Knoxville, Tennessee. Scientists from NOROCK work throughout the United States and the world on issues as diverse as global climate change, aquatic ecology, wildlife diseases and genetics, aeroecology, invasive species, and large carnivores. 

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Fish Biologist Robert Al-Chokhachy, Ph.D. 409-994-7842
Research Ecologist Erik Beever, Ph.D. 406-994-7670
Data Management Specialist Shannon Beliew
Supervisory Research Ecologist Joseph Clark, Ph.D. 865-974-4790
Physical Scientist Adam Clark 406-888-7993
Biologist Gavin Cotterill, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Paul Cross, Ph.D. 406-994-6908
Fisheries Biologist Vin D'Angelo 406-888-7991
Biological Science Technician Chad Dickinson 406-994-5054
Research Ecologist Robb Diehl, Ph.D. 406-994-7481
Research Physical Scientist Caitlyn Florentine, Ph.D. 303-548-7693
Fish Biologist Hayley Glassic, Ph.D.
Biologist Matthew Gould, Ph.D. 406-994-6269
Research Ecologist Tabitha Graves, Ph.D. 406-589-6645
Supervisory Wildlife Biologist Mark Haroldson 406-994-5042
Research Zoologist Blake Hossack, Ph.D. 406-243-4495
Biologist Patrick Hutchins
Research Statistician Kathi Irvine, Ph.D. 406-994-7492
Biologist Will Janousek, Ph.D. 406-888-7996
Research Ecologist Aaron Johnston, Ph.D. 406-994-7158
Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Microbiologist Devin N Jones, Ph.D.
Biologist Bryn Karabensh 406-994-5041
Biologist Blake Lowrey, Ph.d.
Ecologist Justin T Martin 406-994-5304
Physical Scientist Lisa McKeon
Physical Scientist Zachary Miller 406-888-7922
IT Specialist Kelvin Miller 406-994-7085
Biologist Wynne Moss, Ph.D.
Research Ecologist Clint Muhlfeld, Ph.D. 406-600-9686
Administrative Officer Judy O'Dwyer 406-994-7544
Research Ecologist Greg Pederson, Ph.D. 406-994-7390
Research Physical Scientist Erich Peitzsch, Ph.D 406-599-9970
Physical Scientist Todd Preston 406-994-5034
Center Director Claudia Regan, Ph.D. 406-994-7972
Biologist Erica Sarro Gustilo, PhD
Research Zoologist Adam Sepulveda, Ph.D. 406 404 9155
Administrative Operations Assistant Paula Thomsen 406-994-1977
Biologist Brian Tornabene, Ph.D.
Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist Frank T van Manen, Ph.D. 406-994-5043
Partnership Ecologist Sheree J. Watson, PhD 406-994-6556
Biological Science Technician Craig Whitman 406-994-6135
Science Communications Biologist Todd Wojtowicz, Ph.D.