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The National Wildlife Health Center works to safeguard our Nation’s wildlife from diseases by studying the causes and drivers of these threats and developing strategies to prevent and manage them. It is designated by the Department of the Interior as a USGS “mission essential” facility. The main campus is located in Madison, Wisconsin, and the Honolulu Field Station is located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Biologist/Decision Analyst Katrina Alger 608-270-2400
Ext: 2365
Wildlife Pathology Fellow Alexandria Argue 608-270-2416
Technical Information Specialist Neil Baertlein 608-270-2460
Veterinary Medical Officer Anne Ballmann 608-270-2445
Information Technology Specialist Tom Beighley 608-270-2424
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Brenda Berlowski-Zier 608-270-2467
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Doug Berndt 608-270-2400
Ext: 2366
Chief, Laboratory Sciences Branch David S Blehert 608-270-2466
Wildlife Disease Ecologist Barbara Bodenstein 608-270-2447
Biological Support Group Leader Michael Bonds 608-270-2432
IT Specialist Team Lead Melvin Bower 608-270-2423
Biological Laboratory Technician Renee Breeden 808-792-9523
Supervisory Biologist, Diagnostic Case Manager Jennifer Buckner 608-270-2443
Receptionist Christa Carroll 608-270-2400
Disease Data Specialist Jennifer Chipault 608-270-2400
Research Zoologist Rebecca A Cole 608-270-2468
Wildlife Biologist/Epidemiologist Robert Dusek 608-270-2403
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Tina Egstad 608-270-2400
Ext: 2338
Administrative Office Assistant Joshua Garcia-Jones 608-270-2408
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Kyle George 608-270-2463
Wildlife Disease Ecologist Daniel A Grear 608-270-2478
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Kathryn Griffin 608-270-2465
Research Virologist Jeffrey S Hall 608-270-2458
Maintenance Mechanic John Hall 608-270-2400
Administrative Officer Thomas G Hankins, Jr. 608-270-2412
Research Fellow Aine C Hawthorn 6082702416
Maintenance Mechanic Mark Heckman 608-270-2400
Prion Biologist Allen Herbst 608-270-2456
Research Virologist Erik Hofmeister 608-270-2476
Lead Biological Science Laboratory Technician (Animal) Kelsey Husar 608-270-2400
Diagnostic Virologist Hon Ip 608-270-2464
Wildlife Pathologist Susan Knowles 608-270-2462
Animal Care Technician Gabrielle Kuhlmann 608-270-2400
Animal Care Technician Harrison Lamb 608-270-2400
Wildlife Pathologist Julia S Lankton 608-270-2459
Facilities Operations Specialist Chris Lee 608-270-2427
Supervisory Biologist Ariel Leon 608-270-2400
Microbiologist Jeffrey M Lorch 608-270-2420
Administrative Office Assistant JoEllen Marlor 608-270-2400
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Dominic Marr 608-270-2400
Biological Sciences Laboratory Technician Liz Matejczyk 608-270-2400
Biologist Travis McDevitt-Galles 608-270-2400
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Tyler Mclaughlin 608-270-2400
Budget Analyst Lisa Meicher 608-270-2410
Wildlife Disease Specialist Kimberli J Miller 608-270-2400
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Anna Panike
Information Technology Specialist Ali Rahama 608-270-2400
Ext: 2411
Supervisory Biologist Andrew Reeves 608-270-2488
Emerging Disease Coordinator Bryan Richards
Chief, Ecology and Epidemiology Branch Katie Richgels 608-270-2450
Research Epidemiologist Tonie Rocke 608-270-2451
Lead Biological Science Laboratory Technician Constance Roderick 608-270-2469
Information Technology Specialist Jeremy Schauf 608-270-2426
Executive Assistant Rebecca Schroeder 608-270-2402
Wildlife Pathologist Valerie Shearn-Bochsler 608-270-2457
Librarian/Information Resource Manager Katherine E Wesenberg 608-270-2421
Center Director C. LeAnn White 608-270-2491
Biologist Megan Winzeler 608-270-2400
Wildlife Disease Specialist Thierry M Work 808-792-9520