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Jeanne Jaeschke

Jeanne Jaeschke is a Physical Scientist for the USGS Water Mission Area.

I am a chemical analyst and project lab manager providing technical support and geochemical analyses for samples processed at the Biogeochemical Processes in Groundwater laboratory (RBPGL) in Reston, VA. Our project researches the fate and transport of organic contaminants in groundwater, wetlands, and surface water. I take a lead role in all aspects of laboratory and field sampling. This includes training students, coordinating with external collaborators, analyzing samples in a broad range of matrices, and adapting analytical methods to help measure the progress of natural attenuation processes that degrade contaminants in surface and subsurface environments. RBPGL provides analytical services in support of numerous USGS water-quality projects.

Research Experience:

U.S. Geological Survey, Project Laboratory Branch, Reston, VA

As project lab manager and laboratory and field water quality expert, my role focuses on the geochemical analyses of a broad range of contaminants in complex matrices. As part of a research team, I collect and analyze water and sediment from the Bemidji, Minnesota research site (a contaminated crude-oil aquifer), multiple projects concentrated on unconventional oil and gas development /use in West Virginia and New Mexico, and research/ method development in analyzing samples that contain chemical mixtures in urban stormwater. I have analyzed samples from the National Landfill Study, hydrofracking studies in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Oklahoma, storm events in stream restoration areas of Difficult Run, and from solvent and benzene-contaminated wetlands from the Delaware City Superfund Site. I am responsible for conducting a wide range of analyses, including anions, cations, alkalinity, NVDOC, methane, and iron speciation