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This multimedia gallery represents a collection of high-quality images, videos, webcams, posters, presentations, and documents produced by the Water Resources Mission Area.

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View of Merced River from webcam

Merced River at Happy Isles Bridge, Yosemite, CA Webcam

This webcam is located at the USGS stream-gaging station on MERCED R A HAPPY ISLES BRIDGE NR YOSEMITE. This station provides continuous monitoring of certain river conditions such as flow and stage. The webcam provides valuable information to Yosemite National

August 28, 2018

Flood Inundation Types Science Overview

Presentation on flood inundation types by Marie Peppler, USGS.

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Water Education Poster on Ocean and Coastal Hazards
October 31, 2018

Ocean and Coastal Hazards Water Education Poster, Middle School

Water Education Poster of Coastal Hazards, Middle School

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June 29, 2018

USGS 2012 Highway Program

USGS 2012 Transportation Research Board Highway Program

The USGS is committed to and is making every possible effort to ensure that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the USGS is accessible to people with disabilities, including both our employees and the customers we serve. We are in the process of upgrading our

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Water Education Poster on Watersheds
November 4, 2018

Watersheds Water Education Poster, Elementary School

Water Education Poster on Watersheds, Elementary School

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StreamStats application
July 20, 2018

Web Services in the U.S. Geological Survey StreamStats Web Application

Recently, Web services have been developed that provide the capability to remote users and applications to access comprehensive GIS tools that are available in StreamStats, including delineating drainage-basin boundaries, computing basin characteristics, estimating streamflow statistics for user-selected locations, and determining point features that coincide with a

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Water use categories
September 26, 2018

Changes in Water-Use Categories

Water-use terminology in the series of USGS water-use circulars, first published for the year 1950, has changed over time as illustrated in this PDF. Some categories were re-named but retained essentially the same definition, while other changes split existing categories or shifted components