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Karen E. Jenni, Ph.D.

I am the Senior Science Advisor for the Energy and Minerals Mission Area, where I work with our Programs and scientists to expand collaborative science planning and execution within the USGS and, to work with our external partners to develop and deliver innovative science that meets the needs of decision-makers. My focus and my passion is on supporting our scientists as the we continue to find ways to increase both the value and the use of USGS science in decision making.

A key theme in my work is working collaboratively with experts, stakeholders, and decisions makers across multiple disciplines and multiple organizations to bring structure and sound science information to bear on challenging resource management problems. Today’s resource managers need management tools, expertise and sound science to make decisions that will not be second-guessed, inherently flawed, or result in catastrophic outcomes. Today’s scientists want to develop information that will be useful to, and used by, those managers as they address critical decisions affecting our nations natural resources and societal well-being.  My work lies in connecting these two groups: in helping other scientists identify, develop, and deliver state-of-the-art, decision-relevant information, and in helping decision-makers make effective and efficient use of that information. Working together and using the tools of decision analysis and adaptive management, scientists and managers can maximize the likelihood of achieving desired management outcomes while simultaneously adding to scientific knowledge that will be useful for future decisions.