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Carole D. Johnson

Carole Johnson is a hydrologist with the Hydrologic Remote Sensing Branch of the USGS Water Resources Mission Area Observing Systems Division. Carole serves as lead of the Technology Development and Transfer Team and is the manager of the Hydrogeophysics for Hydrologic Science Function, which promotes technology transfer of geophysical methods.

Carole provides leadership to USGS hydrologists nationally on development and application of hydrogeophysical methods to USGS groundwater studies through applied research, training, and policy development. Carole’s research interests include use of borehole- and surface-geophysical methods and hydraulic testing for characterization of fractured-rock aquifers. She has coauthored ~50 USGS publications on use of hydrogeophysical methods for aquifer characterization for water resources and contaminant investigations. An experienced trainer, Carole has taught numerous webinars and more than 20 hands-on workshops for scientists on geophysical field methods, data processing, and data analysis for groundwater investigations, including through USGS courses, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Groundwater Association Fractured Rock Conference workshops, Carole currently holds a professional geologists license in New Hampshire and classes for licensed environmental professionals in New Jersey and around New England.