Curt Storlazzi

My interests span the coastal zone, from seacliff erosional processes to sediment dynamics in the shallow coastal ocean. My research focuses on the quantitative study of hydrodynamics, sediment transport, and geomorphology in coastal and marine environments.


2002-present  Research Geologist and Oceanographer
Coastal and Marine Geology Program, US Geological Survey

2002-present  Research Associate
Institute for Marine Sciences, University of California at Santa Cruz

2002-2004  Research Fellow
Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans Consortium

2000-2002  Post-doctoral Researcher
Institute for Marine Sciences, University of California at Santa Cruz

2000 Ph.D.  University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
Earth Sciences Department, Concentrations: Coastal Geology and Oceanograph

1996 B.Sc.  University of Delaware, Newark, DE
Geology Department, Concentrations: Geomorphology and Sedimentology

Specific topics of interest include:

  • Coral reef and rocky shoreface morphology, hydrodynamics, sediment distribution and the resulting modes of sediment transport
  • The influence of coastal hydrodynamics on nearshore rock and reef biologic communities
  • The interplay between geologic structure, climatic fluctuations and coastal processes
  • The influence of extreme storm events on the geomorphic evolution of coastlines
  • High-resolution oceanographic instrumentation and coastal mapping techniques

Current Areas of Research

  • The influence of physical processes on coral and bedrock reef habitats and ecosystems              

The inner shelf comprises important hard (coral and bedrock) and unconsolidated sedimentary (sand and mud) habitat for many species of concern and commercial interest (including fish, benthic invertebrates and marine mammals).  It is also these coastal environments that have been most impacted by infrastructure development, nutrient and contaminant delivery, and natural and human-induced sedimentation. The high geomorphic and hydrodynamic complexity both within and between coral and bedrock reefs, in conjunction with past technical restrictions, has limited our understanding of the nature of flow and the resulting flux of physical, chemical, and biologic material in these ecosystems. Understanding the physical controls on the timing and magnitude of flow and sediment, larvae, nutrient, and contaminant transport, along with their impact on seafloor geomorphology, stability, and sedimentation in these refugia are essential to assessing modern anthropogenic impacts (climate change, etc.) on these ecosystems.

This research utilizes in situ time-series instrumentation, water column profilers, GPS drifters, numerical modeling, and repetitive geophysical mapping to try to better understand the influence of meteorologic and oceanographic forcing on hydrodynamics and the resulting water column properties and seafloor geomorphology.  The goal is to clarify the connection between hydrodynamics, geologic processes, and the resulting changes in habitat and population dynamics of shallow water coral and bedrock reef biological communities.

The current study sites include Central California and the Hawaiian, Mariana, and American Samoan Islands.

For more information, please see the "Pacific Coral Reefs Web Site"

  • The influence of climate change and sea-level rise on low-latitude carbonate coasts

Observations show that sea level is rising globally and recent estimates suggest sea level will exceed 1.0 m, and may reach 2.0 m, above 2000 levels by the end of the 21st century. Sea-level rise is particularly critical for unconsolidated low-lying carbonate islands, many of which have maximum elevations of less than 4 m above present sea level. Such islands are Holocene features that support 2000-year-old cultures, yet the amount of land and water available for human habitation, water and food sources, and ecosystems is limited and extremely vulnerable to inundation from sea-level rise. Storm wave-induced overwash and inundation threatens terrestrial infrastructure and may contaminate the thin freshwater lens underlying islets with saltwater, making the islands unsuitable for agriculture and/or habitation. Rising sea levels will further exacerbate the impacts of storms and wave action on low-lying carbonate islands by reducing wave breaking (and thus energy dissipation) at the reef crest and result in greater wave energy impacting the shoreline. Understanding the physical controls on the timing and magnitude of overwash and inundation, along with their impact on coastal geomorphology are essential to assessing impacts on islands' infrastructure and ecosystems.

This research utilizes in situ time-series instrumentation, numerical modeling, and repetitive geophysical mapping to try to better understand the influence of meteorologic and oceanographic forcing on hydrodynamics and the resulting overwash and geomorphology. The goal is to clarify the connection between projected future wave and wind forcing, sea level, and the resulting oceanographic and geologic processes on low-latitude carbonate coasts.

The current study sites include Northwestern Hawaiian and Marshall Islands.

For more information, please see the project web site titled, "The Impact of Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change on Pacific Ocean Atolls that House Department of Defense Installations"

Recent Papers and Reports

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