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Jennifer L Bruce

Jen Bruce is a physical scientist and communications specialist for the Integrated Information Dissemination Division of the USGS Water Resources Mission Area.

Jen spent much of her early life trying to choose between her scientific and artistic interests, and is very happy to have found a career where she can embrace both. She has degrees in graphic design, physical geography, and environmental management, and has worked for many sectors including business communications, telecom, and environmental advocacy. She is proud to contribute her diverse experience and skills to help make USGS science and information more usable and accessible.

Jen first joined the USGS in 2003 as a publications specialist with the Wisconsin Water Science Center, and served as their outreach coordinator, web lead, cartographer, graphics and interface designer, and plain-language writer/editor. She was also the Science in the Great Lakes Mapper lead until 2019. She currently works in the Web Communications Branch of the Integrated Information Dissemination Division (IIDD) of the USGS Water Resources Mission Area (WMA). She led the WMA's Web Communications, Outreach, and Education (WebCOE) function until 2021, which included overseeing the WMA's static external web presence and developing communication campaigns and products. She continues to serve as a communications strategist and is expanding her expertise into the hazards space by leading the Stakeholder Engagement for Water Hazard Science and Response Project (SERP) for the WMA Water Hazards Program. She also co-leads the USGS Water External Communicators Community of Practice (WEC), and is an administrator and storymap specialist for the USGS ArcGIS Online (AGOL) community.



Education and Certifications

  • Master of Environmental Management (MEM), Coastal Environmental Management: Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment, 2008-2010. Certificate of Geospatial Analysis

  • Bachelor of Science (BS), Physical Geography: University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002-2005

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Graphic Design: Washington University in St. Louis, 1994-1998

Honors and Awards

  • 2019 Shoemaker Award for Communications Product Excellence (small print category): The HayWired Earthquake Scenario—We Can Outsmart Disaster, USGS Fact Sheet 2018-3016

  • 2017 Shoemaker Award for Communications Product Excellence (large print category): Identifying and Preserving High-Water Mark Data, USGS Techniques and Methods 3-A24

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