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Paul Stackelberg

Paul Stackelberg is a Hydrologist with the Water Resources Mission Area.

Paul Stackelberg has worked as a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) since 1988. His research interests have included (1) evaluating natural and anthropogenic factors that affect groundwater quality, (2) developing statistical models for predicting the occurrence of contaminants in groundwater resources, and (3) determining the persistence and fate of pharmaceuticals and other wastewater-related compounds in conventional and advanced drinking-water-treatment facilities. Currently Paul is leading a team of USGS scientist who are using machine learning methods to predict groundwater quality conditions in three dimensions throughout select principal aquifers of the United States as well as at the depths commonly used for domestic and public supplies at the National scale.


M.S., Geology, University of Missouri - Columbia.

B.S., Geology and Mineralology, The Ohio State University, Minor: Computer and Information Science.