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Sara L Zeigler, Ph.D

My research focuses on landscape ecology in coastal systems, with the goal of developing actionable science for the conservation of threatened and endangered species.

Sara Zeigler is a research geographer at the U.S. Geological Survey. She uses landscape modeling, geographic information systems, remote sensing classification, and (non-human) population modeling to better understand how sea-level rise and storms impact coastal species. She is involved in research projects focused on:

  • Current and likely future shorebird habitat use and availability in the U.S.
  • Long-term storm patterns on early successional habitats in the Outer Banks
  • Sea-level rise-driven ecological and geomorphological evolution of barrier islands
  • Restoration assessments and decision analysis to support management of coastal species

The results of her work are used to inform coastal management for shorebirds and other coastal species on barrier islands under current habitat conditions and possible future scenarios.