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Michael Moran, Ph.D. (Former Employee)

Acting Chief, Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center

Jeffrey E Lovich, Ph.D.

Research Ecologist, Co-Deputy Branch Chief, Terrestrial Drylands Ecology Branch

Kathryn A Thomas, Ph.D.

Research Ecologist, Co-Deputy Chief, Terrestrial Ecosystems Drylands Branch

Terry Arundel

SBSC Science Data Coordinator / Geographer

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
SBSC Science Data Coordinator / Geographer Terry Arundel 928-606-2321
Economist Lucas Bair 928-556-7362
Research Ecologist Jayne Belnap, Ph.D. 928-556-7555
Research Ecologist, Terrestrial Ecosystems Drylands Branch John B Bradford 928-380-4671
Wildlife Biologist Kathryn Busby, Ph.D.
Geographer Joshua Caster (928) 556-7129
Biologist Kristy L Cummings 928-556-7113
Research Hydrologist David J Dean 928-556-7297
Research Ecologist Bridget R Deemer, Ph.D.
Research Zoologist Charles Drost 928-556-7187
Research Ecologist & Soil Scientist Mike Duniway, Ph.D. 928-556-7530
Biologist Maria C Dzul, PhD
Fish Biologist Drew E Eppehimer, PhD
Social Scientist Helen C Fairley 928-556-7285
Ecologist Rebecca Finger-Higgens, Ph.D.
Scientist Emeritus Carol A Fritzinger 928-556-7207
Supervisory Biologist Erika Geiger, Ph.D. 928-556-7559
Research Hydrologist Paul Grams, Ph.D. 928-556-7385
Hydrologist Ronald Griffiths 928-556-7069
Biologist Edmund E Grote 928-556-7538
GIS Coordinator (IT Specialist) Thomas M Gushue 928-556-7370
Budget Analyst Alicia Gustafson 928-556-7181
Technical Information Specialist Meredith A Hartwell
Ecologist Claire C Karban, PhD
Research Geologist - Mendenhall Post-Doc Alan Kasprak 928-556-7364
Research Ecologist Theodore Kennedy, Ph.D. 928-556-7374
Ecologist Anna C Knight
Geodesist Keith A Kohl 928-556-7371
Biologist Cara Marie Lauria 928-556-7548
Research Ecologist, Co-Deputy Branch Chief, Terrestrial Drylands Ecology Branch Jeffrey E Lovich, Ph.D. 928-556-7358
Secretary (OA) Serena Mankiller 928-556-7094
Biologist Rebecca Mann 435-719-2134
Research Ecologist Rob Massatti, Ph.D. 928-556-7304
Deputy Center Director Theodore Melis, Ph.D. 928-556-7282
Ecologist Anya Nova Metcalfe 928-556-7049
Research Scientist Bryce A Mihalevich, PhD
Research Ecologist Seth Munson, Ph.D. 928-556-7301
IT Specialist Robert E Myers 928-556-7349
Research Physical Scientist Pamela Nagler, Ph.D. 520-670-6671
Administrative Operations Assistant Darrin Palean 928-556-7270
Ecologist Emily C Palmquist, PhD 928-556-7397
Research Ecologist Michala L Phillips
Wildlife Biologist Shellie (Michele) R Puffer 928-556-7344
Research Ecologist Sasha C Reed, Ph.D. 928-556-7534
Plant ecologist Carla M Roybal
Hydrologist Thomas A Sabol
Hydrologist Gerard L Salter, PhD
Research Geologist Joel B Sankey, Ph.D. 928-556-7289
Biologist John Severson, Ph.D.
RAMPS Coordinator Laura Shriver (928) 556-7010
Postdoctoral research ecologist Gregor-Fausto Siegmund, Ph.D.
Safety and Occupational Health Specialist Brent Sigafus 520-670-6671
Biological Field Technician Megan Starbuck 573-578-4457
Physical Scientist Joseph E Thomas
Research Ecologist, Co-Deputy Chief, Terrestrial Ecosystems Drylands Branch Kathryn A Thomas, Ph.D. 520-670-5590
Research Hydrologist David J Topping, Ph.D. 928-556-7396
Hydrologist Robert Tusso 928-556-7117
ST Research Ecologist Charles Van Riper, III, Ph.D. 520-670-6671
Director, Southwest Biological Science Center Scott VanderKooi 928-556-7094
Hydrologist Nick Voichick, (Former Employee)
Research Ecologist Daniel E Winkler, Ph.D.
Research Statistician Charles B Yackulic, Ph.D. 928-556-7379