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Deborah D Iwanowicz, PhD

Dr. Deborah D. Iwanowicz is a research fish biologist that utilizes molecular diagnostics for research studies.

Her research principally focuses on targeted amplicon sequencing applied to topics such as: diet evaluation, pollen identification, pathogen identification and microbial community profiling. She is a principle investigator and collaborator on a number of projects that focus on the effects of contaminants on fish health, the significance of disease organisms in invasive species, profiling complex microbial community dynamics, as well as protocol and assay development. Her research includes that of molecular microbiology (parasitology, bacteriology, virology on fishes, amphibians, sea turtles, marine mammals, insects, plants, aquatic and terrestrial gastropods). She leads efforts in the NFHRL for method development on metagenomics analyses of diet from scat, stomach content, or regurgitated cough pellets. This work has been modified to identify plant species found in pollen, diets of mammals, birds, and aquatic animals. She also often focuses her efforts on threatened and endangered species.