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Benjamin H Letcher

Ben is a population ecologist focusing on stream habitats and science communication.


  • PhD, 1994, NC State, Zoology with statistics and modeling minor
  • M.S. 1990, URI School of Oceanography, biological option
  • B.S. 1985, Trinity College, Biology

Main research questions include:

Where are the fish?

  •   Distribution modeling
  •   Modeling climate refugia

What drives fish abundances?

  •   Long-term individual-based field studies
  •   State-space abundance modeling 
  •   Integrated demographic models

How are the fish changing?

  •   Thermal adaptive capacity
  •   Estimating fitness in the wild

How are stream environments changing?

  •   Stream temperature statistical models
  •   Stream flow modeling using images

In addition, Ben is very interested in creating integrated, interactive, web-based systems to assist decision-making for natural resources. His group has created the Spatial Hydro-Ecological Decision System (‘SHEDS’ at which links databases, models and visualization tools.

  1. An extensive stream temperature database is at
  2. Stream temperature and Brook Trout occupancy models are at
  3. The Interactive Catchment Explorer (‘ICE’) which facilitates exploration of complex environmental datasets and modeling results is at 
  4. Visualizations of individual tagging data from long-term studies are at
  5. A stream visualization tool linking hydrographs to images is at
  6. A time series explorer is at

Google scholar link:

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