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Jake F. Weltzin

Jake joined the US Geological Survey in 2007 to design and implement the USA National Phenology Network. Since 2015 he has also served as the Program Manager for the Status & Trends Program in the Ecosystems Mission Area.

Jake’s interest in natural history developed as he grew up in Alaska and served as an exchange student in the Australian outback. His interests range broadly -- from natural resource management to ecological- and ecosystem-level research -- across a variety of systems ranging from deserts to grasslands, savannas to forests, and even to wetlands.

Research Interests

Jake is interested in how the structure and function of plant and animal populations, communities and ecosystems respond to global environmental change, including atmospheric chemistry, climate change, and biological invasions.  He also studies how scientists understand and describe changes in ecosystems over space and time, from monitoring, to data management and analysis, to delivery of ecological knowledge and information to stakeholders.  Current interests include citizen science, enterprise tools for monitoring, data visualization and delivery, and ecological forecasting.