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The Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Science Center (GGGSC) is located in Lakewood, Colorado on the Denver Federal Center. For inquiries about our science and the Center, please contact us.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Scientist Emeritus John N Aleinikoff 303-236-7884
Geophysicist Chelsea M Amaral
Supervisory Research Geophysicist Eric D. Anderson, Ph.D. 303-236-5652
Research Geologist Snir Attia
Information Technology Specialist Eynar N Ayupov 303-236-1181
Research Geologist Jaime S Azain 303-236-9376
Research Geophysicist Lyndsay B Ball 303-236-0133
Research Geophysicist Paul A Bedrosian 303-236-4834
Geologist Mitchell Bennett 303-236-0211
Scientist Emeritus Mary Ellen Benson 303-236-5524
Scientist Emeritus William Benzel 303-236-2444
Deputy Center Director Amy M Bern 303-236-0952
Chemist Cyrus J Berry 303-236-1079
Geophysicist Philip J. Brown 303-236-1310
Physical Scientist Zachary C Bueghly 303-236-5588
Research Geologist Jonathan Caine 303-236-1822
Research Chemist Kate Campbell 303-236-2441
Scientist Emeritus Thomas J Casadevall 303-236-5648
Research Chemist Thomas Chapin 303-236-5795
Geophysicist Dylan Connell
Research Geologist Michael Cosca 303-236-4974
Geophysicist Evan Cox 303-236-4834
Geophysicist Jade Crosbie 303-236-1351
Records and Information Management Specialist Sarah D Davidson
Research Geophysicist Benjamin J Drenth, Ph.D. 303-236-1827
Scientist Emeritus Karl J Ellefsen 303-236-7032
Research Geologist Poul Emsbo 303-236-1113
Physical Scientist Derek B Ensign
Research Geophysicist Carol A Finn, Ph.D. 303-236-1345
Geologist Jonathan A Funk
Research Geologist Sean P. Gaynor, Ph.D.
Scientist Emeritus Martin Goldhaber 303-236-1521
Physical Scientist Margaret A Goldman 303-236-1727
Research Geologist Garth E Graham 303-236-1558
Physical Scientist Matthew Granitto 303-236-1412
Scientist Emeritus Richard I Grauch 303-236-5551
Research Geophysicist V. J. Grauch 303-236-1393
Research Geologist Mendenhall Neil P Griffis
Geophysicist Chloe D. Gustafson
Student Trainee (Geology) Mario A. Guzman, Ph.D. 303-236-2444
Scientist Emeritus Todd K Hinkley 303-236-1427
Geophysicist Todd Hoefen 303-236-2456
Scientist Emeritus Albert H Hofstra 303-236-5530
Research Physical Scientist JoAnn Holloway 303-236-2449
Research Geologist Christopher Holm-Denoma 303-236-5454
Geophysicist Bennett E Hoogenboom 303-236-1800
Physical Scientist John D Horton 303-236-1921
Emeritus Scientist Robert J Horton, Ph.D. 303-236-1338
Research Geologist Andrew G Hunt 303-236-4931
Physical Scientist Andrew Ingraham 303-236-9376
Geophysicist Stephanie R James 303-236-1405
Scientist Emeritus Craig A Johnson, Ph.D. 303-236-7935
Geologist Tyler J Kane, M.S. 303-541-3097
Physical Scientist Nick Karl 303-236-1222
Scientist Emeritus Karen Duttweiler Kelley 303-236-2467
Research Geophysicist Raymond Kokaly 303-236-1359
Scientist Emeritus Gregory K Lee 303-236-2491
Scientist Emeritus David A Lindsey 303-236-6482
Research Geologist Heather A Lowers 303-236-1184
Research Geologist Karen Lund 303-236-5600
Geophysicist Patricia G MacQueen, Ph.D.
Research Geologist Andrew H Manning 303-236-1812
Research Geologist Erin Marsh 303-236-2473
Scientist Emeritus Brian Marshall 303-236-7914
Research Geologist Jeffrey L Mauk 303-236-5605
Student Trainee (Geophysicist) Micah Mayle, Ph.D. Candidate
Research Geophysicist Anne E McCafferty 303-236-1397
Scientist Emeritus Steven K McDanal 303-236-1187
Physical Science Technician Ben N Mcgee 303-236-1403
Research Geologist Julia A. McIntosh, Ph.D.
Geologist Corey J Meighan 303-236-2101
Research Geologist Celestine Mercer 303-236-1866
Research Geologist Cameron M. Mercer, Ph.D.
Geophysicist John M Meyer 303-236-3531
Research Chemist Christopher Mills 303-236-5529
Research Geophysicist Burke Minsley 303-236-5718
Geologist / Center Outreach and Web Coordinator Maria R Montour 303-236-2787
Research Geologist Leah E Morgan, Ph.D. 303-236-4729
Research Geologist Jean M Morrison 303-236-6366
Geologist Richard J Moscati 303-236-0023
Center Director Christopher S Moses, Ph.D. 303-236-1800
Research Chemist Leonid Neymark 303-236-7898
Geologist Danielle A Olinger 303-236-7771
Geologist A. Rae Ann Orkild-Norton 303-236-1213
Geophysicist Dana E Peterson 303-236-1403
Scientist Emeritus Jeffrey Phillips 303-236-1206
Geologist Laura Pianowski 303-236-5454
Physical Science Technician Renee Pillers 303-236-7896
Scientist Emeritus Forrest (Barney) G Poole 303-236-5599
Scieintist Emeritus Michael H Powers 303-236-1349
Research Chemist Michael Pribil 303-236-9374
Physical Scientist Kristian M Price 303-236-1249
Research Geologist William Ridley 303-236-5558
Chemist Danny L Rutherford 303-236-0546
Physical Scientist Carma A San Juan 303-236-2450
Information Technology Specialist Michael S Settembre 303-236-1181
Research Geophysicist Anjana K Shah 303-236-1218
Scientist Emeritus Kathleen S (Kathy) Smith, Ph.D. 303-236-5788
Scientist Emeritus David B Smith 303-236-1849
Scientist Emeritus Steven M Smith 303-236-1192
Research Geologist A. Kate Souders 303-236-9374
Scientist Emeritus Gregg A Swayze, Ph.D. 303-236-0925
Research Geologist Cliff D Taylor 303-236-2499
Research Geologist Ryan D Taylor 303-236-1882
Physical Scientist Jay M. Thompson, Ph.D.
Scientist Emeritus Charles H Thorman 303-236-5601
Geophysicist Anahita Tikku, PhD
Scientist Emeritus Bradley S Van Gosen 303-236-1566
Research Geologist Philip L Verplanck 303-236-1902
Physical Scientist Uriah C Vigil 303-236-5651
Geophysicist Gavin S. Wilson
Scientist Emeritus Anna Burack Wilson 303-236-5593