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Bruce Lindsey

Groundwater Status and Trends Coordinator

National Water-Quality Program

Water Resource Assessments Branch

Earth Systems and Processes Division, Water Mission Area

U.S. Geological Survey

B.S. Agricultural Engineering, 1984, Pennsylvania State University M.S. Geoenvironmental Science, 2004, Shippensburg University

My work involves assessments of groundwater quality. I am the coordinator for national assessments of status and trends in groundwater quality in the United States for the National Water-Quality Assessment project. The objective of this study is to evaluate the quality and availability of groundwater for drinking supply, improve our understanding of where and why water quality is degraded, and assess how groundwater quality could respond to changes in hydrologic conditions and land use. Constituents of concern for this research include both natural contaminants (trace elements and radionuclides) as well as anthropogenic contaminants (nutrients, volatile organic compounds and pesticides). In addition, I have conducted studies on microbiological quality of drinking water resources, focusing on occurrence of both bacteria and viruses. I also have an interest in the effects of karst on water quality.

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