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Connect with us at the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center! Our Science Center is located in Santa Cruz, California.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Oceanographer Katlin Bowman Adamczyk, Ph.D. 831-460-7420
Geophysicist Alicia Balster-Gee 831-460-7581
Research Geologist Patrick Barnard 831-460-7556
Research Geologist Ginger Barth 650-439-2329
Research Oceanographer Emily M. Bristol, PhD (8310 460-7549
Research Geophysicist Danny Brothers 831-460-7460
Research Geologist Richard Michael Buzard, Ph.D.
Oceanographer Olivia Cheriton 831-460-7579
Research Geophysicist Guy R Cochrane, PhD 831-460-7554
Geologist James Conrad 831-460-7407
Physical Scientist Jackson Currie 831-460-7489
Data Management Specialist Evan Dailey 831-460-7591
Marine Engineering Technician Peter Dal Ferro 831-460-7477
Physical Scientist Peter Dartnell 831-460-7415
Research Geologist Helen W. Dow, Ph.D. 831-460-7439
Research Geologist Amy East 831-460-7533
Geologist Emeritus Brian Edwards 831-427-4750
Marine Operations Manager Timothy Elfers 831-460-7479
Oceanographer Anita Engelstad 831-460-7588
Research Oceanographer Li Erikson 831-460-7563
Physical Scientist Jaycee Favela 831-460-7420
Geophysicist Joanne C Ferreira 831-460-7571
Chemical Oceanographer Maria C. Figueroa, Ph.D.
Geographer Amy Foxgrover 831-460-7561
Geographer Theresa Fregoso 831-460-7528
Research Oceanographer Amy Gartman, PhD 831-460-7562
Research Geophysicist Eric Geist 650-439-2457
Oceanographer Emeritus Guy Gelfenbaum 831-460-7401
Research Geologist Ann Gibbs 831-460-7540
Associate Program Coordinator for Science (Acting) Nadine Golden 831-460-7530
IT Specialist Sean Gordon 831-460-7584
Research Geologist Eric Grossman 360-650-4697
Geophysicist Emeritus Patrick Hart 831-460-7408
Ocean Engineer Gerry Hatcher 831-460-7524
Director of Outreach and Engagement Maya Hayden 831-460-7590
Geologist Emeritus James Hein 831-460-7419
Research Geologist Jenna C Hill 831-460-7463
Oceanographer Daniel Hoover 831-460-7544
Research Chemist Hope L. Ianiri, Ph.D.
Geologist Emeritus Samuel Y Johnson 831-460-7546
Physical Scientist Cordell Johnson 831-460-7490
Administrative Operations Assistant Alicia Jones 831-460-7432
Research Geophysicist Jared Kluesner 831-460-7547
Research Social Scientist Dawn Kotowicz, Ph.D.
Geologist SeanPaul La Selle 831-460-7574
Research Oceanographer Jessie Lacy 831-460-7520
Geologist Emeritus Homa J Lee 650-329-5485
Budget Analyst Jennifer Lemon 831-460-7435
Physical Scientist Joshua Logan 831-460-7519
Physical Scientist Thomas Lorenson 831-460-7410
Research Oceanographer Mark Lundine, PhD 831-460-7578
Engineering Technician Rachel Marcuson 831-460-7484
Research Geologist Mary McGann 650-329-4979
Oceanographer Samantha McGill 831-460-7543
Marine Technician Jenny White McKee 831-460-7485
Research Oceanographer Kira Mizell 831-460-7423
Modeling Scientist (contractor) Cornelis (Kees) Nederhoff 831-460-7573
Geologist, GIS Analyst Alexander L. Nereson 831-460-7577
IT Specialist Leon Nguyen 831-460-7567
Research Oceanographer Daniel Nowacki 831-460-7428
Oceanographer Andrea O'Neill 831-460-7586
Research Geologist Ferdinand Oberle 831-460-7589
Geologist Jason Padgett (831) 460-7536
Oceanographer Kai Parker 831-460-7559
Research Geophysicist Tom Parsons 650-439-2374
Technical Writer Peter L. Pearsall 831-460-7418
Chemist Kha Phan 831-460-7426
Marine Engineering Technician Daniel Powers 831-460-7478
Research Oceanographer Nancy Prouty 831-460-7526
Geologist Andy Ritchie 831-460-7454
Scientist Emeritus Robert Rosenbauer 831-427-4750
Oceanographer Kurt Rosenberger 831-460-7535
Geophysicist, Tsunami Scenarios Coordinator Stephanie Ross 650-439-2326
Scientist Emeritus David M Rubin 831-460-7401
Geographer Jane Rudebusch 831-460-7468
Research Geologist Drake Singleton 831-460-7578
Geophysicist Emeritus Ray Sliter 831-460-7442
Oceanographer Alex Snyder 831-460-7462
Oceanographer Andrew Stevens 831-460-7424
Research Geologist Curt Storlazzi, PhD 831-460-7521
Acting Center Director Peter W Swarzenski 831-460-7587
Chemist/Lab Manager Pamela Swarzenski 831-460-7405
Research Geologist Renee Takesue 831-460-7594
Physical Scientist Angela Tan 831-332-4086
Oceanographer Jennifer Thomas 831-460-7559
Geologist Peter Triezenberg 831-460-7413
Research Oceanographer Sean Vitousek 831-460-7570
Research Geologist Jonathan Warrick 831-460-7569
Research Geophysicist Janet Watt 831-460-7565
Geologist Emeritus Florence L Wong 831-427-4750
Administrative Officer Paulette Zamora 831-460-7431