USGS Streamgages By the Numbers

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Get the facts and figures about the USGS Streamgaging Network, one of the largest streamgaging enterprises in the world!

All numbers below are for the 2017 Water Year.


Streamflow and Water-Level Gages

(operated year-round or seasonally)

10,330 gages 

  • 8,580 monitored streamflow and water level
  • 1,750 monitored water level

80,000 measurements made by hydrographers


Key Networks

Image: Souris River Gage House

Gage house for the streamgage on the Souris River above Minot, North Dakota. (Credit: Brent R. Hanson, USGS)

National Streamflow Network (NSN)
(monitored streamflow year-round and met a variety of local, State, and Federal needs)

8,230 gages

  • 5,030 had more than 30 years of record
  • 330 had more than 100 years of record


Federal Priority Streamgages (FPS) Network 
(met Federal priority information needs)

3,640 gages

  • 3,200 monitored streamflow year-round
    (included in the National Streamflow Network)
  • 440 monitored water level or operated seasonally
  • 1,120 eligible locations lacked funding



$188 million

  • $55 million from Federal appropriation
  • $133 million from 1,410 partners


Water Data Delivery

640 million requests made for streamflow info

  • 98 percent fulfilled through web services