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The Upper Midwest Water Science Center covers the water resources of  Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. With offices and staff in all three states, we are uniquely poised to address the monitoring and science needs at local, state, regional, and national levels. Our staff consists of scientists, technicians, and support personnel who are committed to providing accurate and timely information.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologic Technician, GIS Specialist Scott J Adolphson 763-783-3127
Hydrologic Technician Katie J Allenson 763-783-3139
Hydrologist Anna Baker 763-783-3156
IT Specialist Albert F Barber 608-821-3861
Center Operations Officer Amanda H Bell 608-821-3882
Hydrologic Technician Andrew M Berg 763-783-3126
Biologist Maria C Berry
Physical Scientist James D Blount 608-821-3807
IT Specialist Corwin G Bos 608-821-6012
Hydrologic Technician Joshua A Bowlin 989-348-8291
Hydrologist, Water Quality Specialist Angela K Brennan 989-348-8291
Ext: 14
Hydrologist (Water-Use Specialist) Cheryl A Buchwald 608-821-3873
Hydrologist Nicolas H Buer 608-821-3908
Hydrologic Technician Russ Buesing 763-783-3116
Hydrologic Technician Dean Burdett 906-786-0714
Hydrologic Technician Daniel J Burns 608-821-3814
Physical Scientist Rebecca B Carvin 608-821-3850
Research Hydrologist Victoria Glenn Christensen, PhD 763-783-3100
Hydrologic Technician Catherine Christenson 763-783-3134
Hydrologic Technician Donald J Clark 906-786-0714
Hydrologist Erin N Coenen 920-851-5189
Hydrologic Technician Jeff Copa 763-783-3114
Research Hydrologist (Chemistry) Steven R Corsi 608-821-3835
Hydrologist Nicholas Corson-Dosch
Biologist (MI-BaRL Laboratory Manager) Jeanette M Cruz
Hydrologic Technician Eric D Dantoin 715-362-1109
Hydrologist Mari E Danz 608-821-3831
Hydrologic Technician Anthony J Debonis 608-821-6020
Civil Engineer Laura DeCicco 608-821-3857
Hydrologic Technician Todd DeWitt 989-348-8291
Hydrologist Matthew W Diebel
Physical Scientist Katherine M Dooley 763-683-3100
Software Developer / Geographer Blake A Draper 608-821-3924
Hydrologist Sarah M Elliott 763-783-3130
Hydrologic Technician Ryan P Ennis 608-821-3905
Research Hydrologist Melinda L Erickson, PhD, PE 763-783-3231
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Brett M Esser 608-821-6021
Computer Scientist, Flood Inundation Mapping (FIM) Library Manager Nicholas J Estes 608-821-3904
Supervisory Hydrologist James Douglas Fallon 763-783-3255
Sysops Specialist Chad M Fanguy 985-414-3296
Hydrologic Technician Patrick Farrell 763-783-3182
IT Specialist Joe Federer 763-783-3170
Research Hydrologist Michael N Fienen 608-821-3894
Hydrologic Technician Aaron D Firnstahl 715-384-9673
Ext: 111
Research Hydrologist (Geology) Faith A Fitzpatrick 608-821-3818
Student Intern Laura E Flucke 608-828-9901
Chief Science Officer Lisa Reynolds Fogarty 517-887-8968
Physical Scientist Chanse M Ford
Supervisory Hydrologist Carrie E Givens, PhD 517-887-8933
Hydrologist Joel T Groten 763-783-3149
Hydrologist Wonsook S Ha
Budget Analyst Eric Hanes 517-887-8951
Hydrologic Technician Timothy L Hanson 608-821-6023
Hydrologist Megan J Haserodt 608-821-3893
Student Trainee - Physical Science Brent Heerspink 608-828-9901
Administrative Officer Hailey A Hehn 608-821-3898
Hydrologic Technician Brian Heissenberger 517-887-8970
Hydrologic Technician Zach Hillman 763-783-3256
Hydrologist, Groundwater Specialist Christopher J Hoard 517-887-8949
Hydrologic Technician Matthew Holmio 906-786-0714
Hydrologist David J Holtschlag, PStat 517-887-8910
Hydrologist Krista A Hood 608-438-2036
Hydrologic Technician Joshua V Hoops 517-887-8908
Ext: 16
Hydraulic Engineer Judy A Horwatich 608-821-3874
Hydrologic Technician, IT Field Spec, SA, NWIS TS Admin Kevin S Housel 608-821-3911
Hydrologic Technician David E Housner 608-821-3870
Hydrologic Technician Robert Howell 517-887-8953
Research Hydrologist Laura E Hubbard 608-821-3871
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician, Field Office Chief Derrick L Hubbell 517-887-8944
Chief Science Officer, Research Hydrologist Randall J Hunt, Ph.D. 608-821-3847
Research Chemist Sarah E Janssen 608-663-5162
Hydrologic Technician Ryan T Jirik 715-362-7468
Hydrologist Keegan E Johnson
Hydrologist Paul F Juckem 608-821-3845
Hydrologic Technician Jarvis Kaderlik 701-250-7435
Associate Center Director Brian P Kelly 785-832-3519
Geographer James L Kennedy 608-821-3813
Hydrologist Erich Kessler 763-783-3141
Hydrologist, Lake Specialist Richard L Kiesling, Ph.D. 763-783-3131
Hydrologic Technician Joseph Klein 989-348-8291
Supervisory Physical Scientist Matthew J Komiskey 608-821-3930
Scientist Emeritus David P Krabbenhoft 608-335-4234
Hydrologic Technician Aliesha L. Krall 763-783-3135
Hydrologist Sophia L Lafond-Hudson
Hydrologic Technician Erik Lahti 763-783-3145
Hydrologic Technician Josh Larson 763-783-3142
Chief of Staff Gary D Latzke 608-216-5154
Hydrologist Andrew T Leaf 608-821-3912
Physical Scientist Peter L Lenaker 608-821-3829
Admin Operations James E Letsos 218-393-3234
Physical Scientist Sara Brandt Levin 763-783-3157
IT Specialist Melissa L Lilly
Hydrologic Technician Casimer E Lipinski 989-348-8291
Geographer Milan S Liu
Hydrologic Technician Joshua Loewel 517-887-8924
Hydrologist Luke C Loken 608-821-3801
Hydrologist John "William" Lund 612-364-2050
Hydrologist Carol L Luukkonen 517-887-8920
Hydrologist S. Bridgett Manteufel 608-821-3838
Physical Scientist Sherry L Martin
Hydrologist Brent Mason 763-783-3148
IT Specialist Rose McGowan 517-887-8928
Hydrologist Andrea S Medenblik
Hydrologic Technician Michael Menheer 763-783-3292
Cartographer Lorraine T Metz
Physical Scientist Bojan Milinic
Hydrologic Technician Thomas Morgan 517-887-8952
Geographer Erik S Myers 608-821-3811
Management Specialist Karen L Nelson 608-821-3864
Hydrologist Martha G Nielsen 608-821-3913
Physical Scientist Michelle A Nott 608-821-3816
Hydrologic Technician Daniel Obenauer 517-887-8946
Biologist Jacob M Ogorek 608-663-5160
Hydrologist Hayley T Olds 608-821-3251
Hydrologist Samantha K Oliver, PhD 608-821-3824
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Brent W Olson 715-362-7477
Associate Director for Operations, Supervisory Hydrologist David W Owens 608-821-3863
WIM Developer Lauren Privette 703-648-5315
Hydrologist, Flood Inundation Mapping (FIM) Program Coordinator Julia G Prokopec 763-783-3158
Hydrologic Technician Nathan Prokopec 763-783-3100
Hydrologist Matthew A Pronschinske 608-821-3880
Research Hydrologist Howard W Reeves 517-887-8914
Hydrologist Paul C Reneau 608-821-3901
IT Specialist Marie S Reynolds 517-887-8904
Biologist Molly A Richard 608-821-9901
Office Automation Clerk Keith Ried 517-887-8931
Budget Analyst Will R Rivard 608-828-9901
Research Hydrologist (Surface Water) Dale M Robertson 608-821-3867
Hydrologist Collin J Roland
Physical Scientist James T Romano 571-748-9476
Biologist Alexei R Rose 517-887-8921
Mercury Research Laboratory Lead Analyst Tylor J Rosera 608-231-9486
Hydrologic Technician Troy D Rutter 608-821-3848
Chief, Environmental Hydrodynamics Branch, Earth System Processes Division David A Saad 608-821-3865
Geographer Chris Sanocki 763-783-3151
Hydrologic Technician Brett Savage 763-783-3133
Hydrologist Laura A Schachter
Hydrologic Technician Zachary T Scott 608-821-6025
Scientist Emerita Barbara C Scudder Eikenberry 608-828-9901
Research Hydrologist William R Selbig 608-821-3823
Hydrologic Technician Benjamin J Siebers 608-821-6026
Hydrologic Technician Jason J Smith 608-821-3849
Hydrologic Technician Sarah Snarski 517-887-8909
Scientist Emeritus Jim Stark 763-783-3232
Physical Scientist Owen M Stefaniak 414-279-9106
Geographer Aaron J Stephenson 608-821-6011
Hydrologic Technician Lucas J Stevens 715-234-4015
Geographer Jana S Stewart 608-821-3855
Biologist (LIDE, USGS Liaison) Joel P Stokdyk 715-384-9673
Ext: 112
Hydrologic Technician Jerry Storey 763-783-3146
Physical Scientist Todd D Stuntebeck 608-821-3872
Budget Analyst Lisa Syde-Hagen 763-783-3122
Hydrologic Technician Charles Taricska 517-887-8947
Environmental Scientist Michael T Tate 608-663-5189
Hydrologic Technician Benjamin C Torrison 608-821-3852
Biologist Alexander R Totten 517-887-8954
Hydrologic Technician Hailey E Trompeter
Hydrologist Jared Trost 763-783-3205
Information Technology Specialist Thomas Van Heel 763-783-3257
Information Specialist Jamie Velkoverh 608-821-3827
Hydrologic Technician Nicole M Vellequette
Project Manager Hans W Vraga 763-783-3155
Center Director John F Walker 608-821-3810
Microbiologist Joseph C Wallace 517-887-8903
Hydrologist Robert J Waschbusch 608-821-3868
Computer Scientist Harper Wavra 701-250-7407
Supervisory Hydrologist Thomas L Weaver 517-887-8923
Hydrologic Technician Lucas T Weegman 715-234-4015
Hydrologic Technician Garret Welsh 763-783-3147
Hydrologist Stephen M Westenbroek 608-821-3888
Hydrologic Technician James Wilkinson 989-348-8291