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Welcome to the Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics Science Center

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Geologist Jason A. Addison, Ph.D. 650-329-5271
Research Physical Scientist Jay Alder 541-737-5629
Scientist Emeritus Lee Amoroso 928-556-7186
Research Geologist Allen Andersen, PhD 509-368-3115
Research Geologist Lysanna Anderson, PhD 650-329-4972
NAGT Geophysicist Jacob Anderson 650-329-5263
Electronics Engineer Isaac Anderson 303-236-5020
Electronics Engineer Eric Angel
Scientist Emeritus Roger Ashley 650-329-5416
Research Geophysicist Margaret Avery, PhD
Research Chemist Laurie S Balistrieri 206-498-4812
Scientist Emeritus John Barron, Ph.D. 650-329-4971
Scientist Emeritus Sue Beard 928-556-7196
Research Geologist Scott E.K. Bennett, Ph.D.
Research Geologist Erin K Benson, PhD 509-368-3113
Research Geophysicist James Biemiller, PhD
Scientist Emeritus Richard Blakely 650-439-2316
Scientist Emeritus James Bliss 520-670-5502
Scientist Emeritus Art Bookstrom, PhD 509-368-3119
Scientist Emeritus Stephen Box 509-368-3106
Administrative Operations Assistant Lori Bramschreiber 520-370-5578
Research Geologist David C Buesch 650-439-2634
Scientist Emeritus David Bukry 650-329-5357
Research Geologist Mark Bultman 520-670-5503
Research Hydrologist Erick R Burns 503-251-3250
Research Geologist Ryan C Cahalan, PhD
Physical Scientist Beth E. Caissie, PhD 650-329-5274
Scientist Emeritus James Calzia 650-329-5538
Geologist Charles M Cannon
Physical Scientist Marie R Champagne 650-329-5258
Geophysicist Bruce Chuchel 650-439-2321
Scientist Emeritus Mark Cocker 520-670-5506
Supervisory Research Civil Engineer Brian Collins 650-439-2466
Scientist Emeritus Harry Cook 650-464-0042
Geologist Skye C Corbett 650-439-2819
Scientist Emeritus Brett Cox 650-439-2856
Research Geologist Joshua A Coyan, PhD 509-368-3116
Research Soil Scientist Courtney Creamer 650-329-5449
Geologist Kelsey Crocker
Geologist Collin Cronkite-Ratcliff 650-439-2528
Research Biologist Marie Noele Croteau, Ph.D. 650-329-4424
Research Geologist Ryan Crow, Ph.D. 928-556-7148
Research Geologist Andrew Cyr 650-439-2820
Geologist Jacob DeAngelo 650-439-2841
Geologist Stephanie Dudash 520-670-5514
Scientist Emeritus Cynthia Dusel-Bacon 650-329-5719
Geophysicist Tait Earney (650) 439-2403
Geologist Lucas L. Evart, B.S.
Geologist Tracey Felger 928-556-7348
Research Geologist Robert J Fleck 650-329-4658
Research Geologist Andrea Foster, Ph.D. 650-329-5437
Scientist Emeritus Thomas P. Frost, Ph.D. 509-368-3103
Scientist Emeritus S. Peter Galanis 650-329-4873
Scientist Emeritus Mark Gettings, PhD 520-670-5507
Research Geophysicist Jonathan Glen 650-439-2282
Geologist Gabriel Gordon
Scientist Emeritus Floyd Gray 520-670-5582
Research Geologist Russell W Graymer 650-329-2888
Geologist Elizabeth Haddon 650-439-2272
Scientist Emeritus Jonathan Hagstrum 650-439-4672
Research Geologist Ralph Haugerud 206-713-7453
Field Assistant Biological Science Technician Monica Haw
Scientist Emeritus Gordon B. Haxel 928-556-7191
Scientist Emeritus Timothy Hayes 520-670-5024
Scientist Emeritus Richard Hereford 928-556-7159
Scientist Emeritus John (Jack) Hillhouse 650-329-4932
Administrative Operations Assistant Jodi L. Hoering 509-368-3101
Physical Science Technician Sara Holden 650-329-5437
Physical Science Technician (NAGT) Lauren Holzman N/A
Research Geologist P. Kyle House, PhD 928-556-7179
Scientist Emeritus Keith A Howard 650-439-2843
Electronics Engineer EDGE Elizabeth Hyde 949-370-0971
Scientist Emeritus Angela Jayko 760-873-7040
Research Geologist M. Christopher Jenkins, PhD 509 368 3118
Scientist Emeritus David A John 650-329-5424
Geologist Dylan W Kinser 928-556-7148
Research Geographer Clarke Knight, PhD 650-329-4540
Administrative Operations Assistant Diamond M Knight 509-368-3107
Research Geologist Sean Lahusen, PhD 1-888-275-8747
Research Geophysicist Victoria Langenheim 650-439-2313
Operation Geologist Marsha Liszbarski
Geologist Steve Ludington 650-439-2371
Ecologist Kristen Manies 650-329-5010
Scientist Emeritus Edward A Mankinen 650-329-4669
IT Specialist Gary L Martinez 509-368-3120
Management Analyst Patty Matthews 775-784-5366
Scientist Emeritus Jonathan C Matti, PhD 520-670-5577
Research Geologist Skyler Mavor, PhD 928-556-7198
Research Geologist Kristin McDougall-Reid 928-556-7024
Biologist Jack McFarland 650-329-5241
Administrative Operations Assistant Dominique (Niki) R. McGuire
Scientist Emeritus Robert McLaughlin 650-439-2845
Research Geologist Ben Melosh 650-439-2361
Research Geologist Christopher Menges 520-670-5022
Scientist Emeritus David M. Miller, Ph.D 650-439-2823
Geographer Daniel Miranda 512-927-3500
Research Geologist Thomas Moore 650-329-5713
NAGT Physical Scientist Benjamin L Morbeck
Research Geologist Stanley P Mordensky 503-251-3200
Scientist Emeritus Barry Moring 650-329-5360
Scientist Emeritus Benita (Bonnie) Murchey 650-329-4926
Research Geologist (Post Doc) Colleen Murphy
Scientist Emeritus Fred Murphy 650-329-4696
Physical Scientist Morgan W. M. Nasholds, M. Sc. 928-556-7216
Scientist Emeritus Warren J Nokleberg 650-439-2532
Research Geologist Jim E O'Connor
Research Geologist Monica Palaseanu-Lovejoy, PhD 703-648-5131
Geologist Heather L. Parks 509-368-3114
Research Geophysicist Jared Peacock 650-439-2833
Budget Analyst Lizia M Pech 650-329-4445
Research Geologist Jonathan P Perkins 650-439-2828
Research Geologist Geoffrey Phelps, MSc 650-439-2822
Research Geophysicist Anthony Pivarunas 650-439-2327
Geologist Jacob E Poletti, M.S.
Research Geophysicist David Ponce 650-439-2314
Research Geologist Robert Powell 520-670-5505
Research Geologist Summer Praetorius, PhD 650-329-4131
Physical Scientist Liubov Presnetsova 650-329-5372
Geophysicist Grant Rea-Downing, PhD 650-329-5403
Geologist Michelle A Roberts 650-439-2708
Scientist Emeritus James Rytuba 650-329-5418
Scientist Emeritus Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki 650-329-4930
Research Geologist Michael Sawlan 650-439-2402
Research Geophysicist Daniel Scheirer 650-439-2327
Research Geologist Kevin Schmidt 650-439-2302
Scientist Emeritus Marjorie S Schulz 650-329-4518
Biological Science Tech Sabrina Sevilgen 650-329-4341
Scientist Emeritus Donald Singer 650-329-5370
Budget Analyst Kara M Spritzer 303-273-8555
Research Geologist Lydia M Staisch, Ph.D.
Scientist Emeritus Richard G Stanley 650-329-4918
Research Geologist Scott Starratt, Ph.D. 650-329-4990
Research Geologist Lisa L Stillings 775-784-5803
Director Jonathan Stock 650-439-2868
Research Geologist Paul Stone 650-439-2831
Scientist Emeritus William Stuart 650-439-2648
Research Geophysicist Joshua Taron 650-439-2640
IT Specialist (Cust Support) Rudy Tia
Administrative Operations Assistant Rocio Torres 650-329-4905
Research Geologist Jorge Vazquez
Research Geologist Peter Vikre 775-784-5597
Research Geographer David Wahl 650-329-4533
Research Soil Scientist Mark P Waldrop, Ph.D.
NAGT Physical Scientist Grace C Walker
Geologist Laura C Walkup 650-329-5122
Research Geophysicist Callum A Walter, PhD
Scientist Emeritus Elmira Wan 650-329-4964
Research Geologist Kathryn Watts 509-368-3108
Research Geologist Ray Wells
Scientist Emeritus Carl M Wentworth 650-329-4950
Program Coordinator Colin F Williams, PhD. 650-439-2881
Research Geologist Niki Wintzer, PhD 509-368-3110
Physical Science Tech Randy Woods 650-329-4962
Geologist Ian Yuh
NAGT Geophysicist Laurie Zielinski
Research Geologist (Mendenhall) Lisa Zieman, PhD
Research Geologist Michael L. Zientek, Ph.D 509-368-3105
Deputy Center Director - Research Geologist Lukas Zurcher, PhD 520-670-5588