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Thank you for your interest in the Colorado Water Science Center.   Please connect with us to learn more about the data collection and the water resource studies we perform in Colorado. 

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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologist Garrett Akie 303-236-6923
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Steven P Anders 970-628-7140
Hydrologic Studies Chief John (Ryan) Banta 303-236-6929
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Jeffrey R Barnard 303-236-6934
Hydrologist Nancy J Bauch 303-236-6873
Research Soil Scientist Carleton Bern, PhD 303-236-1024
Hydrologic Technician Chad Billings 970-628-7164
Hydrologist Andrew R Bock 303-236-6875
Management Analyst Nancy A Boyer 970-628-7146
Hydrologic Technician Christina D Briseno 970-628-7159
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Krystal D Brown 719-562-2840
Supervisory IT Specialist Douglas J Burkhardt 303-236-6877
Hydrologic Technician (Field Assistant) Veronica R Bush 303-236-6931
Hydrologic Technician Lothian A Buss 970-247-4140
Hydrologic Technician Kylie L Campbell 970-628-7169
Hydrologic Technician Benjamin Andrew Chapin 719-562-2866
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Tanner W Chapin 303-236-6940
Hydrologic Technician Matthew M Charts 970-628-7143
Research Hydrologist David W Clow 303-236-6881
Hydrologist Andrea L Creighton, PhD 719-562-2840
Biologist Natalie K Day 970-628-7161
Hydrologic Technician Myles Downhour 317-697-1660
Hydrologic Technician Ryan W Dunn 303-236-6947
Hydrologic Technician Alan M Duran 303-236-6897
Director Matt Ely 303-236-6900
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Dustin A Ethredge 719-562-2844
Hydrologist Rhett R Everett 303-236-6883
Hydrologic Studies Chief Robert H Flynn 303-236-6907
Associate Director for Hydrologic Data Brandon T Forbes 719-562-2867
Surface Water Specialist John W Fulton 303-236-6890
Information Technologist Sarah R Galas 970-628-7170
Hydrologic Technician John M Gholson 970-628-7158
Hydrologist Rachel G Gidley 970-628-7172
Hydrologic Technician Evan Gohring 303-236-6880
IT Specialist Tara A Gross 303-236-6933
Hydrologic Technician Michael L Gustafson 970-628-7147
Hydrologic Technician Lucas T Haffner 719-562-2861
Hydrologist Nick Hall 303-236-6873
Computer Assistant Richard W Hansen 303-236-6891
Administrative Officer Donna J Hector 303-236-6903
Hydrologist Laura Hempel, PhD 719-562-2842
Hydrologist Mark F Henneberg 970-627-7149
Hydrologist Erin K Hennessy 719-470-0162
Hydrologic Technician Amber K Holmberg 719-562-2846
Hydrologist Joel W Homan 970-628-7154
Hydrologic Technician Katie M Junghans 970-628-7148
Chemist Gabrielle (Abby) L Keith 303-236-6913
Hydrologic Technician Christopher A Kirk 970-628-7145
Hydrologist Zachary D Kisfalusi 719-562-2849
Civil Engineer Michael S Kohn, P.E. 303-236-6924
Hydrologic Technician Erik A Kopperud 970-628-7151
Hydrologic Technician Emily A Kushner 303-236-6882
Hydrologic Technician Christopher Lajoie 303-236-6931
Hydrologist Tyler D Lampard 303-236-6896
Western Colorado Office Chief Kenneth J Leib 970-628-7150
IT Specialist Lori A Lucero 719-562-2879
Research Hydrologist M. Alisa Mast 303-236-6989
Hydrologist David P Mau
Physical Scientist William R McDermott 303-236-6886
Hydrologic Technician Decker McElroy 970-628-7173
Research Hydrologist Peter B McMahon 303-236-6899
Hydrologist Lisa D Miller 719-562-2843
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Bryan Moore 970-628-7153
Hydrologic Technician Duncan Morel 303-236-6938
Hydrologic Technician Craig N Muelot 970-628-7155
Hydrologic Technician Kevin L Murphy 970-247-4222
Hydrologic Technician Ethan I Newman 303-236-6928
Hydrologist Connor Patrick Newman 303-236-6905
Hydrologic Technician Matthew J Nicotra 303-236-6944
Reports Specialist - Hydrologist Jeannette H Oden 303-236-6920
Hydrologist Kelli Palko 303-236-6949
Deputy Director Suzanne S Paschke, PhD 303-236-6904
Budget Analyst Meghan A Patterson 303-236-1450
Hydrologist Colin A Penn 303-236-6952
Hydrologist Jeff Pepin, PhD 303-236-6889
Hydrologic Technician Jeremy J Pulli 719-562-2854
Physical Scientist Sharon L Qi 503-579-0668
Hydrologic Technician Hallie Ellen Lee Rajkovich 970-628-7163
Hydrologist Rodney J Richards 970-628-7157
Research Hydrologist Rob Runkel 303-541-3013
Hydrologist Cory Alexander Russell 303-236-6871
Research Hydrologist Graham Sexstone 303-236-6878
Hydrologic Technician Nicholas Siudyla 719-562-2857
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Gregory J Smith 303-236-6945
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician / Water Quality Specialist Patricia A Solberg 970-260-8015
Hydrologic Technician Mark W Spindler 970-628-7156
Hydrologic Technician David Stager 303-236-6908
Administrative Operations Assistant Myca D Steffey-Bean 303-236-6901
Hydrologic Technician Glen P Stewart 970-628-7174
Hydrologic Technician Alison E Tecca 303-236-6922
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Pamela M Tello 719-562-2859
Administrative Operations Assistant Shaylynn R Thurston 719-562-2860
Hydrologic Technician Anthony S Trease 303-236-6948
Hydrologic Technician Clayton R Utzig 303-236-6935
Hydrologist / GIS Specialist Kristine L Verdin
Hydrologic Technician Shem S Walker
Research Hydrologist Katie Walton-Day 303-236-6930
Hydrologic Technician Brandon P Waters 303-236-6951
Western Colorado Studies Section Chief Cory A Williams 970-628-7162
IT Specialist John Pok Man Yau 303-236-6888
Ecologist Robert E Zuellig, Ph.D. 303-236-6892