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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone Sort descending
Earthquake Seismologist Ian Stone
Research Civil Engineer Nicolas W Mathews, PhD
Geophysicist Tamara Jeppson
Geodetic Engineer Todd Ericksen
Research Geophysicist, Geodesy Coordinator Benjamin Brooks
Research Geophysicist Stephanie G Prejean
Research Geophysicist Robert E Anthony
ShakeAlert Coordinator Kaitlyn Mary Nelson, MS
Geophysicist Julie A Herrick
Geophysicist Allison M Shumway
Mendenhall Research Fellow/Research Civil Engineer Sabine Loos, PhD
Research Statistician Max Schneider, PhD
Research Geologist Judith Fierstein 650-329-5202
Adminstrative Officer Jane E Meyer (650) 439-2641
Research Geophysicist Joan Gomberg 206-616-5581
Research Geophysicist Erin Wirth Moriarty 206-685-7563
Seismologist Paul Stanton Earle 303-273-8417
Scientist Emeritus James W Dewey 303-273-8419
Research Geophysicist Dara E Goldberg 303-273-8419
Senior Science Advisor for Earthquake and Geologic Hazards Gavin P Hayes 303-273-8421
Supervisory Geophysicist Lynda Lastowka 303-273-8422
Scientist Emeritus George L Choy 303-273-8424
Research Geophysicist David J Wald 303-273-8441
GIS Specialist Eric Jones 303-273-8445
Scientist Emeritus Bruce W Presgrave 303-273-8461
Research Geophysicist Morgan P Moschetti, PhD 303-273-8464
Research Geologist Rich Briggs 303-273-8465
Research Geophysicist Peter Powers 303-273-8467
Research Geophysicist Ned Field 303-273-8469
Research Geologist Jessica Thompson Jobe 303-273-8474
Research Geologist Alexandra (Alex) Hatem 303-273-8474
Research Geophysicist Brad Aagaard 303-273-8481
Geologist, Public Affairs Specialist Camille Collett 303-273-8489
Research Geologist Nadine G Reitman, PhD (she/her) 303-273-8499
Assistant Coordinator William D Barnhart 303-273-8500
Student Trainee (Physical Science) Liam Toney 303-273-8500
Research Civil Engineer Andrew J Makdisi, PhD, PE 303-273-8500
Research Geophysicist Sean Kamran Ahdi 303-273-8500
Scientist Emeritus Linda Pratt 303-273-8507
Deputy Director Brian Shiro, Ph.D. 303-273-8515
Scientist Emeritus Robert Wesson 303-273-8524
Developmental Geophysicist Kirstie L Haynie, PhD 303-273-8526
Geophysicist/Science Communications/Web Content Manager Lisa A Wald 303-273-8543
Research Geologist Christopher B DuRoss 303-273-8544
Research Geophysicist Yuehua Zeng 303-273-8561
Research Geophysicist Eric M Thompson 303-273-8562
Research Structural Engineer Sanaz Rezaeian 303-273-8565
Research Geophysicist Kate E Allstadt, Ph.D. 303-273-8570
Scientist Emeritus Stephen H Hartzell 303-273-8572
Research Geophysicist William J Stephenson 303-273-8573
Scientist Emeritus Jill McCarthy 303-273-8579
GIS Specialist Robert G Schmitt 303-273-8583
Research Structural Engineer Kishor Jaiswal 303-273-8584
Research Structural Engineer Neal Simon Kwong, PhD 303-273-8589
Research Geophysicist Oliver S Boyd, Ph.D. 303-273-8617
Research Geophysicist Kyle B Withers 303-273-8619
Geophysicist Jana Pursley 303-273-8623
Director, Geologic Hazards Science Center Ryan D Gold, Ph.D. 303-273-8633
Scientist Emeritus Robert A Williams 303-273-8636
Scientist Emeritus Jackson K Odum 303-273-8645
Research Geophysicist William L Yeck, PhD 303-273-8648
Computer Scientist Michelle Guy 303-273-8650
Computer Scientist Eric M Martinez 303-273-8653
Research Geophysicist David Shelly 303-273-8659
Research Civil Engineer Nicolas Luco 303-273-8683
Research Geophysicist Evelyn Roeloffs 360-993-8937
Research Geologist Nicholas (Nick) M Beeler 360-993-8987
Supervisory Research Geophysicist David Wilson 505-846-2856
Scientist Emeritus Charles R Hutt 505-846-5649
Physical Scientist Adam Ringler, Ph.D. 505-846-6116
Geophysicist Nicholas van der Elst 626-583-6042
Geologist Devin McPhillips 626-583-6047
Research Geophysicist Morgan T Page 626-583-6804
Geophysicist Susan E. Hough 626-583-7224
Field Geophysicist Jason L. De Cristofaro 626-583-7230
Res. Geophysicist Elizabeth S Cochran 626-583-7238
Research Geophysicist Robert W Graves 626-583-7239
Research Geologist Katherine (Kate) Scharer 626-583-7240
Supervisory Geophysicist Valerie Irene Thomas 626-583-7820
Research Geophysicist Clara Yoon 626-658-0229
Research Geophysicist Joern Kaven 650-329-4675
Research Geophysicist Rufus D Catchings, PhD 650-329-4749
NCSN Operations Manager Patrick Bastien 650-329-4770
Research Geophysicist Malcolm J. S. Johnston 650-329-4812
Supervisory Research Geophysicist Fred F Pollitz 650-329-4821
Geophysicist Brian D Kilgore 650-329-4859
Research Geophysicist, Geodesy Coordinator Jessica Murray 650-329-4864
Research Geophysicist Jeffrey Joseph McGuire 650-329-5153
Assistant Center Director Shane Detweiler 650-329-5192
Research Civil Engineer Alex Grant 650-329-5205
Geologist Ellen L Phillips 650-329-5463
Geophysicist Mark Goldman 650-329-5496
Research Civil Engineer Mehmet Celebi 650-329-5623
Geologist Suzanne Hecker 650-329-5655
Supervisory Geophysicist Lind S Gee 650-329-5656
National Strong Motion Project Data Center Manager Lisa Schleicher, PhD 650-329-5680
Operations Manager, National Strong Motion Project Dean Childs 650-416-4585
Research Geophysicist Robert Skoumal, PhD 650-439-2241
Research Geophysicist Josie Nevitt 650-439-2461
Geophysicist Joanne H Chan 650-439-2516
Research Geophysicist Andrea Llenos 650-439-2562
Research Geophysicist Grace Parker 650-439-2609
Research Geologist Austin J Elliott, Ph.D. 650-439-2690
Research Geophysicist Jeanne Hardebeck 650-439-2711
Research Geophysicist Annemarie Baltay 650-439-2759
Research Geophysicist Andrew Michael 650-439-2777
Research Geologist Belle Philibosian 650-439-2784
Research Geophysicist Andrew J Barbour, Ph.D. 650-439-2803
Research Geophysicist Ruth Harris 650-439-2842
Research Geophysicist Justin Rubinstein 650-439-2852
Research Geophysicist Sarah Minson 650-439-2879
Scientist Emeritus Roger Borcherdt 650-644-8946
Geophysicist David A Lockner 650-858-2529
Supervisory Research Geologist Stephen B DeLong, Ph.D. 651-356-4102
Associate Program Coordinator Michael L Blanpied 703-648-6696
ANSS Coordinator Cecily J Wolfe 703-648-6714
Associate Coordinator for External Research Jill Franks 703-648-6716
Program Manager William Leith 703-648-6786
Research Geophysicist Thomas Pratt, Ph.D. 720-357-0470
Mark Petersen 720-357-4751
Earthquake Disaster Assistance Team (EDAT) Manager Lindsay A. Davis 720-908-2883
Research Geophysicist Aaron Wech 907-786-7464